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Italians lurk at every corner

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Hi Telltale! :)
Since you're still planning your translation strategies and evaluating all the languages that the Bone cousins, Sam & Max and whimsical poker players will speak, I've decided to stop my shameless private attempts to bug Emily with pressing requests for Italian localizations and/or with rampant proposals for free-of-charge fan translations. I'm doing something different in the wait. ;-)
I've already spotted some posts on this subject, so I'm creating this thread to allow any Italian adventure gamer to manifest his/her presence and curiosity for your games. This isn't meant to be a petition, just a practical and organized way to show our willingness to support your work. Granted, maybe it's not so different from a petition, but it's waaaaay more friendly. ;)
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    Hi Telltale!

    I'm another italian boy who's interested in an italian traslation of your adventure games. It's not because english language is difficult to read or something like that, but if we can have the possibility to play in our language, it would be better. ;)

    I'm sure that you won't have any financial problems to translate games like Bone and Sam & Max in italian, will you?

    That's all, I hope in a positive answer.
    Bye, and good luck to your future projects, TT guys! :D ;)
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    Every night I dream to be a great sex machine...and to play a TellTale adventure game in Italian!
    Please, translate Bone!
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    yes ,I agree with diduz and others.. I really love adventure games in italian for us,we will really appreciate it! Thank's anyway B-)

    ps: yeah,of course you can still eat pizza eheh :))
    ps2: I think I speak a good english so I can understand adventure games in english, but I ask for a translation because some games aren't great as in your original language,also if you own english language >_> (nevermind I tried ^^)
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    Hey, I want to have my "italian corner" too!

    I just discovered all this and I couldn't believe! A dream came true!

    I'm playing the original Sam & Max with my ScummVM and, hey, I never thought I would have been grateful to a software house!

    Can't wait to have the new adventures, and I like the episode thing. I just hope to find that humor, that music, that lovely american taste again...

    I don't really long for an italian localization, I just have a need for dogs and rabbits!
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    [quote]Your next adventure "A Vampyre Story" looks like a very LucasArts style game! And this is a great surprise for us gamers, who have been waiting for something of this kind for years, centuries... ;)
    You're thinking of Autumn Moon Entertainment. I agree with you, it looks like a great game! But, alas, we're not making it.

    Can we still have the pizza? :))[/quote]
    Ahem... [:-"] Sorry... Obviously, I PREFER "Sam&Max", what doubt do you have?? :D
    Is that good now? [:)>-]
    Please, forgive me.... [[-o<]
    I'll send you a HUGE pizza! I'm from Naples, you know? ;)
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    I Love pizza but first of all I love adventure games in italian!! :p
    I agree with all other italian fan of those gorgeous games...

    Please...that would just make us feel a little more important just in case we don't win the World Soccer Cup... :-/ what am I saying?!?! #-o ( I know it's not gonna happen but..translations would really make us happier :D )

    Thanks for listening [=D>]
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    Hi, Telltale :)) :)) :))

    I am speaking for my friends as i am WAAAAYY better in english than italian... tho i lieve in a twolangag... haha! tho i live in a two language area... despite being in slovenia we have to speak italian as well as slovenian (btw is it true that you guys have to learn ancient greek??) so speaking for a few sam and max fans in slovenia: "It would be great to have an italian version, since we can't count on a slovenian one" hahaha! don't even think of making a slovenian version... we hate when they make slovenian versions of anything... haha!

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    CIAO Telltale! Ok, I must admit: I CAN'T RESIST WITCHOUT BONE IN ITALIAN LENGUAGE! Mine inglish is two bad to understend yours dialogues.
    YES! You have readed well! This text is full of mistekes! See? "MISTEKES"! See, SEE?? Another mistake! And what about "HAVE READED"?? Shame on me!
    As you see, I really need an italian adaptation for "Bone".

    ... or a huge english lesson, at least.

    And now, I will sing this lyric (called "Translate Bone") on "Heal the World" music, by Michael Jackson:

    "Translate Booooone
    make it a better game
    for us and for me and the entire italian race.
    There are people waiting
    if you care enough for the writing
    make a better game for
    us and for me"

    Tank you, of curse.
  • Hey guys - congratulations on the World Cup! :D
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    Thanks, Emily! ;)
    At first I thought we'd be fried by the penalty shootout (Usa World Cup 1994, anyone?), but we've been lucky this time. :p
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