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Cancelled order

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About three days ago (Friday, November 17th 2006) I started placing an order for Sam & Max, but then I cancelled because I decided I should try out the demo first. I had given my e-mail address and created a password for the purchase, and had also selected Paypal for payment before I cancelled it.
And just now I received a notification from Digital River that they haven't received a payment for my order.

I haven't decided to buy the game yet by now, so is there any action I am supposed to take? The e-mail does say '*If* you still desire these items, please place a new order', so I'm assuming it's just a reminder and everything's fine, but I needed to make sure.

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  • No, you don't have to do anything. That's just an automated email that they send if you have a PayPal transaction that never went through.
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