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Questions for Dominic Armato!

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If you see a guy with the username "dmnkly" skulking around, it's probably Dominic Armato, (better known as) the voice of Guybrush Threepwood!

If you've got any questions for Dom or just want to say hello, drop 'em here!

Dom answers! Let's take a look... I don't know when this will end, but that's a lot of answered questions so far! Check those to see if your question has already been answered!

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  • Puccinelli;142368 said:
    My question is simple, what the heck was with the "use Jojo on fire hydrant" puzzle in Lechuck's Revenge?
    Aw, c’mon! Monkey wrench! I loved that puzzle :-)
    StonkBad;142371 said:
    Hey Dom,
    How many screaming fanboys/girls do you have to shake off every time you walk out of your front door?
    When it happens, I’ll let you know. (I’m not holding my breath)
    Puccinelli;142388 said:
    Here's a story for you: A young man destined to be a pirate has eyes for the governor's daughter, but said daughter is kidnapped by a renowned evil pirate whose name is only spoken in shudders. Thus, this young man must obtain a ship, round up a crew, and set off using somewhat supernatural means to reach a specific island where they (the skeletal crew bathed in blue light) have taken her.

    Is this the Secret of Monkey Island or Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl?
    I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that it’ll make me more bitter about the subject than I already am.
    MacVillain;142765 said:
    Hey Dom This is a question that I'm sure every Monkey Island Fan has wondered throughout the games. What is the back story to the "Porcelain" Phobia? Have you recorded any lines yet in regards to Guybrushes fear of porcelain?
    On the latter, I defer to my aforementioned embargo on actual details of the new games. On the former, anybody else wonder if the unexplained fear of porcelain and the unexplained secret of Monkey Island are somehow related?
    Threepwood4Life;142888 said:
    Hi Dom,

    Only a week to go and as your a gamer yourself, how excited are you to be able to play the final product I bet its like 1997 all over again when your voice was first heard for the first time.
    Very. I’m watching status updates from guys on the team and getting incredibly jealous.
    Silverwolfpet;142889 said:
    Would you put a rat, a monkey or a dog in your pants? :p
    I think I’ve actually had a rat in my pants. His name was Peanut. He was awesome. The other two, probably not. But never say never.
    hplikelike;143026 said:
    Hey Dom, do you think you could do this QandA thing again sometime?


    With a Three-headed-monkey-made-out-of-cherries on top?
    Throw in some grog-infused whipped cream and you have a deal.
    shref;143071 said:
    would i be able to send you or telltale the collector's dvd once it comes out and get it autographed??
    Let’s revisit this one when there’s actually a DVD to autograph :-)
    dantheape;143107 said:
    Batman or Superman?
    If I have to choose one, Batman. I’m basically totally invincible unless you have some green space rock? Lame.
    Xocrates;143153 said:
    Kirk or Picard?
    Man, that one’s brutal. I’m going to go Picard by a stately nose.
    Silverwolfpet;143185 said:
    Indiana Jones or Jack Sparrow?
    hockeyalltheway;143186 said:
    'Choose one' or 'choose your own adventure'?
    For the answer, turn to page 52.
    Robertuybrush;143194 said:
    LeChuck or LeChimp?
    How can I say no to a monkey?
    shesek;143214 said:
    Hi Dominic,

    If I'll invite all my MI loving friends to my house and make a fancy banner that says "MonkeyCon '09", would you consider being the celebrity guest?
    Didn’t this actually happen? Except for me showing up, I mean.
    hplikelike;143366 said:
    What commercials have you been in? They don't exactly list credits...
    Oh, gosh, lots. Scores. Hundreds? I don’t even remember. Tons of Cap’n Crunch when I was younger. Buncha McDonald’s. The first I ever did was Cherry Switzer. Nothing so notable as, say, the Mastercard “priceless” campaign or anything like that.
    harlequ1n;143558 said:
    Question to Dominic: Provided pirates in the days MI is based on were mostly British, did you ever considered forcing/imitating a British accent? (if Hugh Laurie can pull off such a realistic American accent, why not?) I always imagined Gorbush being a Brit but then again, when I heard your voice, it captured the role so very nicely that I embraced it.
    Nah, I never really thought of him as British. Not that there would have been anything wrong with that if it had gone that way, I suppose, but his sense of humor never struck me as British.
    plagiarize;143666 said:
    so, Dominic, what accents can you do? which would you like to be able to do? have you got any embarrassing voice acting accent stories where you tried an accent and it went horribly wrong?
    Oh, I’m sure I’ve had some auditions that casting people have laughed at. I can do tons of accents for character/comical purposes, a few that might fool those who don’t have an ear for the accent in question, but none that would fool the natives. There’s very little that I can’t at least stumble through on a cartoony level. But I’ve never studied any in the way a screen actor might for a serious role.
    PariahKing;143793 said:
    @Dominic: What do you think of Hugh?
    Never seen the show. Or any of his shows, actually.
    TheJoe;143821 said:
    Hey - while you're in the kitchen would you mind grabbing me a sandwich? I'm kinda peckish.
    Sure thing. I think I have some leftover roast chicken. Lettuce? Onion? Horseradish sauce?

    Incidentally, best sandwich to ever leave my kitchen: Christmas leftovers. Italian roasted pork loin with homemade mostarda di Cremona and juniper-infused cabbage. That or the BLT with bacon mayonnaise. And I’m not talking about that bottled vegan Baconnaise BS. I’m talking fresh mayonnaise made with bacon fat instead of oil. Incidentally, I’m leading a crusade to raise awareness that BLTs aren’t about the bacon. I mean, sure, bacon’s awesome, we all know that. But a BLT hinges on the tomato. Get some incredible thick-cut artisan bacon made from heritage pigs and make the sandwich with a December supermarket cardboard tomato and it’ll be okay. But nab an incredible late summer heirloom tomato? You can throw Oscar Meyer on there and it’ll knock your socks off.

    But I digress.
    jaden551;143841 said:
    Will you be getting both versions of TMI?
    Any platform it shows up on, I’ll have it. As will all my friends and family.


    I said, as will all my friends and family
    hockeyalltheway;143852 said:
    For that matter, what do you think of the acronym TMI? Best acronym for a videogame ever?
    I’m afraid that goes to the subject of a secret satirical page that was once posted on Mojo, Dark Forces 4: Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Outcast 2: Jedi Revenge, or DF4:JK3:JO2:JR. Though the one I really want to try, mentioned in the same article, is Starfighter 3: Jedi Starfighter 2: Starfighter Fighter Fighter

    (Why do I laugh every fricking time I hear that title?)
  • what do you think of Emily's comment on the first page of the "Questions for Mike Stemmle" thread when she says that

    "While the Q&A with the team thread is quite possibly the coolest thread in the history of Telltale's forum"

    isn't it quite obvious that this topic is about 1,000,000,000,0...(insert random amount of zeros here) times cooler then the Q&A!?
  • Don't know if anybody asked before, but did you actually pre-order the game to gain access to this board? To answer the questions directed to you?
  • GaryCXJk;144269 said:
    Don't know if anybody asked before, but did you actually pre-order the game to gain access to this board? To answer the questions directed to you?
    Haha, surely they would have given him access as he'll be getting hte game for free (As stated in this thread I think)
  • Given that both Sam & Max Season DVDs got audio-commentary tracks on the cutscene-reels, would you be interested in doing an "actor's commentary", or even an in-character "Guybrush-commentary" for the DVD? And don't wind out with a "let's wait until there's actually a DVD to do commentaries for"-answer...
  • If a MI2:SE was ever released, what would you think would be challenging about it, considering it's occasionally darker yet humorous tone?

    Again, thanks for answering all of these questions. Amazingly cool.
  • Dmnkly;144236 said:
    When it happens, I’ll let you know. (I’m not holding my breath)
    Well I certainly know of a few people who'd fan you if they had the chance. You have good taste in games, and a really nice voice to listen to. ...just hope you don't mind a few of said people being guys.
    Dmnkly;144236 said:
    I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that it’ll make me more bitter about the subject than I already am.
    I guess you were mad they didn't get you the role. Don't worry, Orlando Bloom has nothing on you. ...stupid elf pirate...

    Nerd Question #1: Who would win in a fight. Guybrush, or Bernard Bernoulli?

    Nerd Question #2: Admittingly, to this date I still can't make sense of the ending of MI2. no, not the one with Tom Cruise, the one with monkeys. ...I said the one without Cruise! Anyway, I'm betting they ended it scoobydoo-like cause they didn't expect to continue the series, but have you ever heard of how the whole 'it was a mask, I'm your brother, hey parents!' thing worked?

    Nerd Question #3: Given Girlbrush just showed up out of nowhere in MI1, any guesses as to where he's from? Apart from the Lucas Arts actor's guild.
  • Hey, Dominic! Other than the VO (obviously) what's the most noticeable trait (physical or personality) you and Guybrush have in common?

    When recording for a MI game, what's the funniest/weirdest blooper you (or someone else) has made?

    Also, have you ever tried to hold your breath for 10 minutes? ... not that I recommend it...
  • Did you ever meet/hang out with any of the other voice actors from CMI, EMI and/or TMI?

    And on a more personal note, what's your favorite food?
  • Dominic, do you have any old videos of your commercials?
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