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Questions for Dominic Armato!

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If you see a guy with the username "dmnkly" skulking around, it's probably Dominic Armato, (better known as) the voice of Guybrush Threepwood!

If you've got any questions for Dom or just want to say hello, drop 'em here!

Dom answers! Let's take a look... I don't know when this will end, but that's a lot of answered questions so far! Check those to see if your question has already been answered!

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  • Hey, do you think Guybrush will ever say something like fricking? I'm sure I'm repeating a lot of my fellow fans, but this is really cool, you answering all these questions. And, uh... *whispers* I'm working on getting you out. Don't worry: they can't hold you hostage for long!
  • Hey Dominic, I just wanted to say I am a huge fan and think the work you have done on the character of Guybrush is amazing!
    My burning, piratey related questions are:
    1. What is your favourite line you have ever recorded for the monkey island series?
    2. What was the hardest line to record? (perhaps you laughed too much or it was a tongue-twister?)
    3. Were there any times you improvised and it was allowed and incorporated into the script because it worked so well?
    4. Finally, I am a student journalist and adventure game reviewer for several sites, can I possibly contact you sometime for a quick interview? (I thought it was better to ask this way after parting with my cold hard cash, rather than doing a murray style demand and laughing manically...ah what the hell BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Gotta love that demonic skull :)

    Thanks, and I cannot wait for the game! (Perfect present just before I graduate! I got home from a holiday in Edinburgh today and immediately pre-ordered!)
  • Hi Dominic i have a few question fpr you.

    1. Wich is your favorit Monkey Island game.
    2. In Tales Of Monkey Island are there any more voice actors who are returning to their roles they have done in previous Monkey Island games.
    3. What is your favorite Monkey Island joke.
    4. Is this monkey island 5.
    5. How many years dose Tales of Monkey Island take plase after Monkey 4?

    I hope you can answer these questions.
  • Have you ever had a dream in which you were Guybrush in the game and woke up only to disappointingly realize you're not a swashbuckling pirate in the real word?
  • Do you know where the remote is? I looked all over the house.
  • @Dominic's last reply mass: Oh, Hugh Laurie is so very, VERY British. Next time you're watching some of our old comedy, take a look at Blackadder (Esp. series 3) or Jeeves & Wooster (w/ Stephen Fry). Not that I've seen House apart from walking past my roommate watching it, but I really don't know how he does the American accent so well.

    But anyways.
    What sort of games do you like the most? And if point&click, what other sorts do you enjoy?
    What sort of comedy do you like most? (Dark? Monty Python/Mel Brooks? Etc.?)
    When you've voiced a game, are you then able to actually play through it yourself properly? Knowing what all the main character's dialogue is must spoil the plot somewhat...
  • Just a tip for the recent question askers, if you search for all posts by Dominic, most questions have already been answered.

    I was wondering if you ever heard their version of the monkey island theme before? It was one of my favorites.
  • Zethos;145035 said:

    I was wondering if you ever heard their version of the monkey island theme before? It was one of my favorites.
    You can also check, there you get some rock remixes which really sound nice... for those who like rock.^^
  • If (never going to happen) for some reason you wasn't happy with monkey island 5's dialogue graphics humour etc ( I mean extremely bad in every detail, like.....just awful you get the idea) would you still agree to voice the character to give the game a redeeming feature or would you turn it down so you wasnt involved with the destructuion of the monkey island franchise?

    Its never going to happen im just curious as you are a big fan also
    Love you and the series :)
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