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Past Purchases

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Is it based on the email I purchased with or am I missing a page?
I purchased the game (S&M), now today signed up for the forum/board and I use my alt email for forums as I normal do. Then I noticed the "Past Purchases" page and it was of course empty but how do I merge my purchase into my forum profile?
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  • Send me a PM with both email addresses please.

    All we have to go on for order lookups is e-mail addresses, so if you register with a different address there's no way to know what orders belonged to you.
  • I still don't have Sam & Max, or both of the Bone games in past purchases. Sent a PM to tabacco over a week ago. Hello?:P
  • Send him another PM, please. He might have missed the first one (or read it and then forgotten about it :D).

    Old orders (pre 10/29) have not been merged into the database yet. Sam & Max should show up for you though. Did you use the same email address to buy that you use with your My Telltale account? If not, that's the reason, and Doug will have to fix it by hand.
  • I bought Sam & Max after I got this new account on this new site, and my guess is that I used my new address on my new account. I'll send him that PM.

    Sam & Max doesn't show up, though.
  • I've sent him a PM again two days ago or so, but haven't gotten any reply. Could you tell him to check them?
  • So if I've understood it correctly to view my past purchases I have to send a PM to tabacco?
    I have used different email addresses to order Bone games and S&M.
    Thanks in advance! :)
  • Yeah. That's correct. Emily? Response to my last post?
  • I will take care of these on Monday when I'm back at work. Guys, bear in mind it's a holiday weekend here, so many of us are with our families for the holiday, instead of answering forum posts.
  • Yeah, I forgot all about it. Sorry Doug.
  • Not to nag, but I just wondered if and when this will be fixed? As for a note, Sam & Max don't appear as well :( I have no idea, as I used [email][/email] when I ordered it. Can some mods check which e-mail I have on this site, and change it if it's not correct? I guess I used [email][/email] when I ordered the first Bone games. Bone: Cow Race and Sam & Max I used the address, but they don't appear at all..
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