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Q&A With the Team

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 40.8K users
Welcome to the secret forum! As a thank you for pre-ordering, we've created this little backstage area where you can hang out with the development team, keep an eye on the development of Tales of Monkey Island, and hopefully get your hands on things before we go wide with them to the public.

First off, though, let's start a Q&A thread!

Any questions you've got for the development team, ask 'em here!
We'll try to dogpile this thread with high quality facts and higher quality lies conversation!
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  • I don't miss the verbs. I don't need the option to talk to a sword or walk to the sun or open rock. Telltales implementation is a more effecient use of screen space and saves the writers having to imagine all the stupid things I might do, and write responses for them, and it saves me having to try all the stupid actions to see if they wrote anything. Sure a few of the jokes were funny, but funny jokes isn't something Monkey Island is short on, so it doesn't matter.
  • nadir;145554 said:
    I don't miss the verbs.
    Agreed. Verbing just weirds language...

    np: Sweet Billy Pilgrim - Joy Maker Machinery (Twice Born Men)
  • All I want to be able to do is look at an item (and get an amusing description) then use the item in the most appropriate way.
  • I'm PRAYING that it's someting like CoMI, as i've played through it like 10 times :D Seriously. AND I'm 13 :D On my Dad's Account :D
  • And one thing... or more
    1)do you get all 5 episodes at once or do you still get them monthly
    THANK YOU for not including monkey kombat. I didn't like it. obviously.
  • each episode is released monthly

    so on 7th u only get epi 1
  • LuigiHann;140952 said:
    Ideally, you'd have the option to choose an individual episode, or to "Play all," like on a TV show DVD, except with intermediate credits removed :)
    A++ way of doing it.
  • You know, why don't you guys just take some of the good insults from the 'Insult Swordfighting' thread and use them? It would be cool!
  • Selfish question, but what is going to happen to this forum after the release date? It's not gonna up and disappear on us, is it? I like visiting this happy forum as opposed to the other forum where people are not so happy.

    And Jake, what the hell kind of high school did you go to that had a parking garage? Mine barely had a parking lot.
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