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Could it Happen? [comic]

posted by Edgy_McSpoon on - last edited - Viewed by 509 users

I was pondering yesterday whether two former-Lucasarts franchises could mesh together under the Telltale umbrella of love. I mean, both have been successful in the past, why not pay homage to each series by little add-ins?

I mean, c'mon Telltale, wouldn't it be soooo easy to just stick the Sam & Max models into the game? Maybe put them in a corner of a room, hidden by a cactus, wearing fake moustaches and doing the rumba? I'd really like to see this happen, and if you don't make it happen, I will tell all my future children about the bitterness of your company. So there.

But anyways, I just guess the excitement of the countdown has got me going.

Cheers! :D
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