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Monkey Island Monopoly

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I had this Idea ages ago,i think back when LucasArts first released a Starwars Monopoly on PC and also the board game,And i thought to myself, id love to have a Monopoly of Monkey Island,i mean all around the world there numrous ones,"family guy,spider-man,i love lucy,Nintendo,ghetto monopoly etc..."

if they had a video game version like the star wars...where you have the board on raised on decking board like the town of Melee Island, and on the sea, the background is night with a full moon,and each character Animation moves around the board,and have scenes when you go to jail etc

the board game version is simple...there many characters you can choose from:
Guybrush, Elaine, Lechuck,Voodoo lady,Stan,Herman,Murrey,a random monkey etc

instead of train station you could have ship yards or well known Islands from the game

places to go on the board would be places youve visited before in Monkey Island Games, Mayfair could be "the Scumm Bar"

the go to Jail sign you with the person behind the bars picture, you could have Otis behind the bars on sign

Gas and electric company could be Stan's Electric company and Stan's Gas company

so guys tell me what places would you like to see on a Monkey Island Monopoly board?

and wether you think this is a great idea or im talking utter rubbish,
personally if i had the money and the rights id make one, or id purchase one,image if they released one for the Anniversary of Monkey Island
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