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Lots of activation trouble

posted by Peaches on - last edited - Viewed by 543 users

I bought Al Emmo, but when I downloaded it to my computer the game would not extract (I sent a message to support but have not yet recieved a real reply) So I redownloaded it to another computer in my house, which was able to extract the demo, but now it will not activate it.
I put in my number and passwork and clicked activate. But nothing happened in the window...Is it supposed to tell you it was accepted? When I go to play it only lets me play the demo I guess and kicks me off after 30min or so and I can no longer access the game...Do I need a manual activation? or am I doing something else wrong?

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  • I've also tried to uninstall and reinstall and reactivate the game but now it says that the trial offer has exprired and it does not offer the
    "I've already purchased this game" link at the bottom of the screen...
    I just want to play...

  • Hi Peaches,

    "I've already purchased this" should appear on the left-hand side of the screen, after the demo has expired. Do you see it there?
  • Nope, it doesn't say that anymore. It only has the "learn more about the game buttom" and "play full game for $19.99" button in the middle right hand side of the screen....
  • Is the computer connected to the internet? There was a bug occurring that prevented these links from showing up once the demo expired, and our quick fix for that was to put the links in the "dynamic content" area on the left of the screen, which is pushed out from our server. The only reason these links would not show up would be if the computer is not online.

    If the computer does have an internet connection, could you please take a screenshot of what you're seeing for me?

    If the computer is not online, there is a workaround described here that you can try. If you try this and still aren't able to activate, let me know.
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