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No Sam n' Max2 after a month

posted by Lando on - last edited - Viewed by 899 users
Something like 3 weeks ago I was glad to hear that Sam n' Max 2 has finally been released and therefore bought it immediately, plus a Sam n' Max Crossbones T-Shirt. Well I wired the money on 4th November and I am still waiting for the products. I have to add, that I live in Germany and I wired the money to an account which I guess collects the money from customers in Germany. Is the waiting time normal? Can I get information about the status of my order somewhere? I also received an email telling me that the shirts were not in stock at that moment. do they hold back the game until the shirts are available? can I get only the game?
I'd really like to play it :p

well, hope someone can help

ah and when I try to send this to [email][/email] I only get a mailer deamon. any other email?

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  • Can you send me a PM with the mailer-daemon response you got back?
  • Hi Lando,

    I just looked up your order using your email address and it is settled. You can download your game here:

    To activate it, click "I've already purchased this" on the first game screen and enter your order number and the password you created when you ordered. I will send you the order number in a PM.

    What size shirt did you order?

    EDIT: By the way, our system shows that you were sent an order confirmation on 11/8, which is when the payment went through. You didn't receive it?
  • thanks a lot! I didn't expect a reply so fast. :) it works now. i don't think i received the order confirmation, but maybe I just missed it somehow. anyway, thanks again for the good support.

    Sam n' Max has always been great :D

    ah shirt size, L i believe, could also be M
  • Medium was backordered for a little while, so that could be why it's delayed. We're sending a new shipment over in the next week or so, so I think the shirt should ship pretty soon.
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