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When further episodes are released...

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...will each episode have its own executable? Or will there be one central launcher for all episodes?

I ask partly because I'm wondering about future upgrades to the engine (such as more supported screen resolutions). Would each episode have to be upgraded individually, or would we just update one copy of the engine for all episodes?
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  • Each episode will be separate. It has to be this way because some people might buy only episode 2, or only episode 5, etc.

    We're considering doing some kind of launcher for the CD version. Also, I'd be surprised if updates to the engine weren't rolled into previous episodes at some point. That's a really nice thing about digital distribution - we can update whenever we want!
  • Separate executables? I understand the reason for it, but perhaps you should offer a large executable that installs the class libraries, common art, common sounds, etc that can be re-used among all executables. This way you can offer small executables for each episode that all rely on the base install. This will in turn minimize bandwith consumption and take up less hard drive space. The game runs very well, so I take it that you guys are good software engineers! :) I don't see why it can't be done, but more than likely you have a reason.
  • One reason is that there's no guarantee though that a person who buys episode 2 still has episode 1 installed, or even that they bought episode 1 at all.
  • Right, but before downloading any episode, there is the initial executable which the user must run to download the appropriate files. It is possible to include code within this executable to detect whether or not the base package is installed or not. Perhaps it isn't worth the effort. Just trying to help though.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The downloading program is handled wholly by our ecommerce provider, that's not a Telltale-developed app.

    We've thought through many ideas for how we could - in the future - handle sharing resources between different episodes that the user may or may not already have downloaded, but as for Sam & Max Season 1, it will be handled as six separate executables that don't share any files on your disk.
  • Also, I just want to point out that the base package is a library of common data, i.e. common classes, common music, common images, etc. The files included within the base package can be re-used within every episode. For example, if Sam and Max are the same within every episode, why have 6 separate textures/images for each episode? Just have each episode access the data from one base folder.

    This makes each episode independent. Only episode specific data should be included within each episode. Also, if there is a bug, do users have to download six updates for each episode? It would make more sense to just patch the base package. Maintaining a single file is easier than maintaining six copies of a file. Oh well, I don't work for the company but I just thought this was an interesting problem! ;)

    Regardless, the game is awesome. You guys have done a great job.
  • You guys are fast... haha.

    I see, well, that's too bad then! I figured there was a reason! ;)
  • tabacco;14724 said:
    One reason is that there's no guarantee though that a person who buys episode 2 still has episode 1 installed, or even that they bought episode 1 at all.
    Like me :) - I've completely uninstalled Episode 1 (and am currently working my way through the Longest Journey).

    I'm pretty sure that re-downloading episode 1 to play episodes 2, 3, etc.. would really get on my tits after a while :cool:
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