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Bone 1 and 2 savegames

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silly, silly, silly question . . . but somebody other than me might think of this - i'm not sure that i'll try this at all - but are the save games compatible between ye olde bone games and the new cuts?

also, i'd personally really love to see a list of changes for the director's cut versions (without spoilers though!). or is that too much to ask?
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  • I don't know if they're compatible or not, to be honest. Normally they would be, but the new games use an updated version of the game engine, so that might prevent compatibility in this case.

    We will be posting some more information about what's changed. The biggest things are the new Thorn model and voice actress in Out from Boneville, and the opening cutscene in Boneville.
  • ...and changeable resolutions.
  • another odd question for you . . . can you install both the old version and the director's cut on the same PC?

    reason why i ask, same with the save games, is that i'm only about half way through my first play of boneville (i'm guessing, i've just met thorn and changed characters) . . . and i'm unsure if i should play it once all the way, then do the same with cow race, and then play the director's cut versions . . . or whether i should play them side by side and/or play both versions all the way through.

    i don't know . . . do you think i might have too much time on my hands? :p
  • My best bet would just be to install the two new ones, and forget about the older ones. That way you'll experience the best version of the games the first time through, when it's still a fresh experience. As I understand it, most of the changes are minor cosmetic ones, some dialogue tune-ups to make the game more enjoyable, a new intro to the first game, and using the newer model and voiceactor for Thorn from the second game in the first. I'm not sure that would warrant two play-throughs, not for me anyways.

    But that's your choice ofcourse :)

    (But to answer your question, I doubt there would be a problem installing both versions on the same pc, just install them to different directories, and you should be able to run the exectubale files from each of their directories, even though one install may overwrite the other games' icons in the start menu)
  • If you don't want to overwrite the old version, just install the new one to a different directory.
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