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New Record for Telltale

posted by plrichard on - last edited - Viewed by 5.3K users
Well guys, not only is this an historic day because of the release of a new Monkey Island game, but we have also broken the record for most users online ever on the Telltale forums.

Most users ever online was 788, Today at 02:15 pm.

UPDATE: Most users ever online was 1,006, Today at 03:26 pm.

The 1,000 user threshold has been breached congratulations guys!

With over 500 being on the Tales of Monkey Island General Discussion board and the Private Pirates board floating around 100, I think this is another reason to celebrate!

Also, notice that none of the Telltale team is on the forums right now, so this is completely due to us! (but that doesn't mean they can't check in!!)

In light of this achievement, I believe it's time for us to have a check-in thread. Simply make a post checking in so that your forum ID will be remembered for the day that we broke this record because of the release of a new Monkey Island game.

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