Tales Of Monkey Island Won't Download

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I pre-ordered Tales Of Monkey Island back in June, so I tried to download it but the link wasn't appearing. So I sent it as a gift to myself and clicked on the link it sent me in the e-mail and I submitted the gift code. Then the download link appears. So I try to download it, and all goes fine until the download reaches 3%. At that point, the download gets stuck, and eventually the download stops and it says, that the server has been reset. This has happened about 7 times now. Any help would be appreciated.


  • WillWill Telltale Alumni
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    Do you have another browser you could use to attempt the download?
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    no i don't.
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    does it help though that my modem (my internet is through comcast) is currently falty? is that possibly why it says the server has been reset? even though, i was successfully able to download Sam & Max: What's New, Beelzebub. So it's only tales of monkey island. Also, does it help that currently on my past purchases section of my account, that it states tmi being purchased twice?
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