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seizing the ship

posted by lemonheadedcannibal on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users
anyone know how? quite stuck or just a clue :) if u do put how blacken it out and if its a clue then its fine :)
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  • How do we light the bomb?
  • gGamer;149937 said:
    How do we light the bomb?
    By finding a fire!
  • Obviously :p
    Everyone keeps mentioning something about hot coal, but I haven't seen it anywhere...
  • well i got that worked out by myself till exactly to the point of last comment.

    might be a stupid question... but what do i do with "it"?
    it blows my ass (or his pants) all the time cause i dont know what to do now. (if you're there you'll know what i mean)
  • [SPOILER]I've lit the bomb, figured out how to run it down some before putting it in the frillies by trying to use it on something else, and then turned the handle only to still have it come back and blow me off the dock. Any help?[/SPOILER]
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