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Stuck at X

posted by mfreeman73 on - last edited - Viewed by 709 users
I found the X marks the Spot, but all there is is a hole. I'm I supposed to do something here? I've already regained the boat and had a bar fight. Been, walking everywhere, but now I'm stuck.
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  • I was thinking about that, but none of my inventory works with the hole if that's what you mean. Unless I'm missing something.
  • I can't talk him into giving me one.
  • mfreeman73;150056 said:
    I can't talk him into giving me one.
    Look! Over there!
  • Just figured out how to get one. :P
  • Same prob here. I have the toy and have combined it with the grogtini sword, but guybrush won't let me give it to d'Oro or put it in the hole :confused:.
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