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Mystical Locked door

posted by Trixie on - last edited - Viewed by 1K users
I've done quite good personally in the game but now i'm stuck. I've been to the door and now.... nothing really helps me, noone seems to be getting me further along in the story and no items seem to work with most other things. I'm sure i'm missing something, the question is what?
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  • Got it. Thanks you guys.
  • First time I got stuck in MI...
    I´ve got the tool and I tried to throw it over the door but it doesn´t work...does somebody has a clue that can help me?
  • @Estel

    I know that I need to use it, but on which part on the screen? Or better: How :D
  • I need help at this part too, I've used the Parrot with the Door, but it just rebounds off the wall and back into my inventory, I've tried examining the Gem, but all he does is try to push it inwards... I need help.
  • Where would one... err... Find... this tool?
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    Aaron21;150448 said:
    Where would one... err... Find... this tool?
    [Spoiler] Ahh, you didn't happen to accidentally 'bug' the game and not pick up the Bottle-Breaker thing did you?

    If so, try and go back to the ship, set off a cannonball and pick it up while he's distracted. [/spoiler]

    (Don't read unless you're at this point and without the item too)
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