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Got TOMI to work

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ok, what i did wrong is i had my video set to 16 bit color i changed it to 32bit, then i seen the intro, then it crashed, then because i was running 1024x768 i had to download the prefs.prop for that res now it works.

Ok now with the "prefs.prop" added after launch i get the black 4X4 window the load crossbones appear, it spins then it crashes, and not all the time do i get the 4x4 black window sometimes a white window comes up and it crashes, i tryed to delete the prefs.prop, no affect, btw i got the MonkeyIsland101_setup.exe and LaunchOfTheScreamingNarwhal_Setup.exe in the LaunchOfTheScreamingNarwhal_Setup.exe there is no directx dll in the game folder like there was in the 101 setup.?!? anyways i tryed both with and without the directx Mar2009_d3dx9_41_x86 dll.

My Computer Specs.

Amd athlon 64 3800+ 2.4gig
Memory 4 gigs of dual channel ram
300 gig hard drive
Video Ati sapphfire x1600 pro 512meg
sound blaster 24bit advancedhd sound card
gigabyte motherboard.

Current setup
video color 16bit
video res 1024x768
tryed other res for lauching game, no effect.

So what i did to fix the problem, i redownloaded the game reinstalled it.
changed my video color to 32bit.
download the prefs.prop for 1024x768 res.
and the game runs.
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