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In jokes and references to past episodes etc (will contain spoilers)

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Chuck the Plant!

Shrine to Ron Gilbert in the Voodoo Shack.

Guybrush's Wallace-style excited hand-wave animation when he used the cheese. Priceless.

"I'm selling these fine leather jackets"

The Indy Jones quip when looking at the inscribed pillars.

A few skulls are referenced "Murray?"

What did you find / notice...?
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  • "That's the 6th or 7th largest printing press I've ever seen."
  • flipperthepriest;150594 said:
    At the very start he begins to say "you fight like a c..." and gets cut off. The ingredients sheet also has "ultimate insult" written on it. I thought there were some more, but I honestly can't remember them through all the awesome.
    The others were 'a voodoo doll' (the goal of Monkey Island 2, in a way) and 'the midas diamond' (a reference to the goal of Monkey Island 3). :p

    Oh, another reference - when you pick up the cheese wheel, Guybrush makes a quip about hungry rats (you use cheese to trap a rat in MI2).

    Anything else? Hm...can't really remember...there was the porcelain phobia, and...uh...
  • When talking to the treasure hunting guy, he says he got his map from a guy in a jacket, waving his arms around...
    Sounds an awful lot like Stan :)
  • Elaine uses the word "scumm" - written with two "m" in the subtitles :)

    One of the books in Lady Vaudoo's bookshelf in about Monkey Robot Maintenance.

    Guybrush wants to call Joaquin D'Oro (the treasure hunter / action figure collector) D'Oro the Explorer (Dora the explorer...)

    Various references to Indy : "the stuff that dreams are made of", "X marks the spot", etc...

    The Ninja action figure is a reference to the classic Internet meme "Pirates vs Ninjas" (and also a reference to GI Joe, I guess)
  • The name of the pirate hunter, "Morgan Le Flay", is a double-reference, LOL...
    I also loved the last words written on the poster at the courthouse: "...or else."
    Some stuff lying around at the beach. You can't click at it, but there were eyeballs, a syringe, a paddle...
    I'm pretty sure there will be more.
  • Marzhin;151006 said:

    Various references to Indy : "the stuff that dreams are made of"
    That's the final line of The Maltese Falcon - I'm not sure if Indy ever said it, though.
  • There were HEAPS of in joke references.

    I thought they did an awesome job at it.

    The "and your little dog too" (but he says hand in this game) is another reference.
  • Planeforger;151139 said:
    That's the final line of The Maltese Falcon - I'm not sure if Indy ever said it, though.
    I believe it is a variation of a line from Shakespeare in the first place :

    We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep.
    (The Tempest Act 4, scene 1)

    Indy DID say it... in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis :D Seeing the item which prompted the line, though, it was obviously a reference to the Maltese Falcon.

  • "Something about this shack shivers me timbers."
  • Oh yes, the Voodoo Lady also had a vision about 'the skull'.
    ...which could be a reference to the greatest RPG ever, but there are more likely options. :p
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