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[Spoilers ahoy] Favourite & Least favourite puzzle in "Narwhal"

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Almost without exception I thought the puzzles were absolutely top notch. The satisfaction on knocking the captain off the Narwhal, as well as finding the axle for the last spin-wheel thing were excellent!

My favourite puzzle though, possibly of all adventure games EVER, was the one in the lab when you are restrained. It wasn't particularly hard, probably took me 25 mins all up, it was just a great learning curve, and such satisfaction when you pull off what you realise needs to be done. The masochistic monkey just added to the delight!

My least favourite... starting the fight in Club 41. When I was turfed out I thought I had to do something else. Was quite surprised when I realised just getting in the door was the whole task. Just involved finding the (pretty obvious) pass and absolutely nothing more.

There was that great 'out of sight puzzle' in MI1 (or was it 2, it's been a while?) in a mansion which was a huge joke when the unbelievable options you would have picked appeared on screen, while you saw nothing of it. If this was trying to replicate that joke, it pretty much failed.

But generally the puzzles were pitched (to me) absolutely perfectly.

How far off is one month away, again? Aaaargh!
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  • completely agree with this.
  • Oh yes, the lab puzzle was magnificent.
    Only to be beaten by the underwater idol puzzle in MI1, of course. :)
  • The knock-him-off-the-boat puzzle was amazing.
    I kinda found it funny that the fire neither went out nor burnt down the pier...

    And the part in DeSinge's lab was great too.
    It took me ages to find out I could adjust the vertical orientation of the chair though.
  • I quite liked the "get the captain off the boat" puzzle.

    My least favourite was the fact you had to do jungle maze puzzle at least twice and then run round the jungle again for the idols.
  • It explained the controls when you were first restrained!

    Found it odd you couldn't use mouse control for that puzzle, but it worked very well with the keys. Made me feel more 'restricted' too, which was probably the point.
  • Guinea;151372 said:
    The knock-him-off-the-boat puzzle was amazing.
    I kinda found it funny that the fire neither went out nor burnt down the pier...
    I thought the jeans were the object I needed to manipulate, as there was that cutscene of them passing under the underpants. Trying to break the stitches on the britches, remove a peg, put the bomb in the sock to make it drop into the jeans...*

    Heh, designers were one step ahead, as any good adventure game puzzle designers should be!

    Which reminds me, I should check out the Hints/Help forum (do we have one yet?), as that's always a good indicator of when puzzles may be slightly flawed.

    * Also spent much time trying to figure out how to break the Captain's crank handle.
  • The puzzle in De Singe's lab is my favourite too. But it's still far away from the underwater puzzle of MI 1!

    I can't think of a least favourite one, I liked them all.
  • It's funny, the underwater puzzle in MI1 was very clever, I will happily admit, but it took me under a minute to solve. There's not that many things to try down there.
  • I love the puzzles in adventure games when you are bound or limited in movement. You have to adopt a method of lateral thinking, and some of my favorite moments in adventure games use these.

    MI2 has the spit puzzle in LeChuck's fortress, EFMI had the bound to the mast puzzle (not dissimilar to this one), and Psychonauts had the brain out of body puzzle.

    Some of the more memorable moments in adventure games happen are when you're trapped in one area, with one goal to complete.
  • Yes I know. But the fantastic thing in that puzzle is just that! The solution is so simple you actually overlook it. I remember when I was a kid I spent the best part of two minutes thinking what to do to grab one of the knives that where just spread on the ocean floor, two or three meters away from Guybrush. When you eventually find the solution to the puzzle you've got that sensation of "No! It can't be so simple!" that's fantastic to me.

    And if you wait five minutes, there's the "throw the knife in the water" joke.:p
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