You Regret Your Ending?



  • I know... I was just... I thought.... It was so tricky.... And I.... :'(

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    InKennyWeTrust shot Kenny... Jesus ;_; That's .... I'm sorry. It was a hard choice, definitely... But.

  • The ending was predictable. I knew Jane was setting up Kenny to show Clem that he was really losing his mind, I never thought the baby was dead. So once Kenny put his hands on her I knew I would chose her over him. For my ending I ended up with Jane. It was biased on my part given that once I was introduced to her character I told myself I would choose her over everyone else if it ever came to that. She reminds me of Jack from Mass Effect so I couldn't help it. But besides that, she actually has a point and I agreed when she did explain everything. So now my Clem is with her and those new survivors.

  • OK I changed it to leaving Wellington with Kenny. They're both very capable and I believe they will survive those few months and then they will come back there and be a happy family :)

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    When I think about it, I realize I shot Kenny kind of in the heat of the moment, since there's no reasonable explanation for shoot

  • Just back from rewinding.Fuck Jane,and hello Wellington! >:(

  • I shot Kenny and left Jane. I was with the baby going to towards a heard of walkers covered in blood. It was sad, My Clem is alone again.

  • No regrets and complete contempt with my endings

    Kill Kenny and leave Jane -1

    Kill Kenny and leave with her-2

    Look away and leave Kenny for Welligton-3

  • I regret mine just a little bit. I went with Jane in Howe's Hardware and accepted the family to go inside the building.

  • Shot Kenny, and I feel like a huge d-bag.

    Probably gonna rewind later. >:I

  • Eh, he thanks you for it.

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    i regret mine shot kenny

  • Killing Kenny, leaving with Jane and AJ, after seeing how it is like to not to shoot Kenny, I regret it so much :(

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    I shot Kenny and let the family in and i don't regret it because Kenny had a perfect emotional death, and my Clem had the chance to form a group/community

  • No regrets. Kenny had it coming in my opinion.

  • I shot Kenny of course, he was a bastard. No regrets at all

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    I don't regret my choice one bit. I shot Kenny, or what was left of Kenny. I "forgave" (I put it in quotes because there was nothing to forgive. She made the right call.) Jane because I figured out what she was doing from the word 'go' and I knew Kenny had to go since episode 4. I left with her and let the family in - though I wasn't excited about the fact that the dude was packing heat.

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    Double Post

  • Yeah, and I think that's the point. When I first learned that Kenny's wasn't necessary I considered rewinding...but now I'm satisfied with my 'lone wolf' ending. Clem chose what she believed was the best of two shitty decisions, only to learn that Jane tricked Kenny and forced the confrontation that killed him. There's no way she could've known what Jane was doing.

    'What if' and 'I should've' is a part of life. Taking that aspect away from the story feels so...unnatural.

  • I left vvith Kenny after reaching VVellington.............and I don't regret it a single bit.

    I also couldn't resist vvatching that trailer and put a familiar 'YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH' as they vvalked avvay ;3;

  • Shot Kenny, left Jane behind.

    Don't regret it, but compared to the other endings the final scene felt a bit "meh" though.

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    For me Jane is like Carol from TV Show XD

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    The ending was predictable. I knew Jane was setting up Kenny to show Clem that he was really losing his mind, I never thought the

  • Shot Kenny, and went with Jane on south to carver camp and I leave family. I regret everything. Killing Kenny was the worst idea in my whole series - he helped Lee to find Clem, he cared about Clem when he could, he doesn't deserve to die. He changed, that's true, but we should forgive him because he lost family and Sarita and many other friend who really loves. I almost everytime agreed with Kenny in every aspect, but I decided to kill him ...

    I played second time (yeah, that cheating) and I finished with Kenny in Wellington. Jane was very stupid, she could just say that AJ is ok, but she just wanted to kill Kenny.

  • I figured out from the start what Jane was up to in the end, and I didn't really have a problem shooting Kenny. I felt a little bit bad afterwards, but Kenny was batshit crazy -- out of control -- and he needed to be put down like a rabid dog.

  • What really got me is that when you get between them she will literally throw you on the ground to get at Kenny with her knife. I saw that in one of the other endings, and that combined with the fight being caused by her trick made me rewind. I was already consumed by guilt before that, but seeing that really made me feel worse.

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    Exactly what I did. A game has never made me overwhelmed by such a feeling of guilt. :P

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    Absolutely no regrets. Kenny loved Clementine (in a father daughter way). I couldn't betray him and I left with him too (instead of going to Wellington). He didn't deserve to die alone.

    He may have been emotionally unstable but he always watched out for her. I regretted making Clementine be slightly sympathetic towards Arvo even though I really thought he was a bad person. I did this because I kind of forgot a bit what happened in the last episode.

    Jane's robbery caused the shoot out and indirectly Luke's death and that was not forgivable.

    The bad thing about Kenny is that he breaks up groups with his paranoia and made Mike and Bonnie feel like leaving. I just couldn't kill or ditch a man who watched over me. I also imagined Kenny as someone I know in real life who cares about me, so that definately added to my decision. If he was X I couldn't betray him.

  • Beuatiful ending :( I still don't know what was best. Staying in Wellington or leaving with Kenny. Like I said in other thread - it was and still is one of the hardest decision I ever make in The Walking Dead Game.

  • This last dialogue between them was so cute! c:

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    I got the Jane ending. I regret killing Kenny immensely, especially after seeing his. Jane is an abusive sociopath, and tricked me into thinking Kenny had gone dangerously insane, when she was the insane one. Kenny was just angry and over-protective.

  • Nope, very happy with my ending.

    Just me and Jane at Howe's.

  • Same here man, I shot Kenny in the heat of the moment, I've never felt so guilty in a game before. Lee sided with him in season 1 and Clem sided with him in season 2 and I shot him in the heat of the moment.......for the first time ever I rewinded, I know I shouldn't really because it's your first playthrough but I just felt so bad.

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    OK I changed it to leaving Wellington with Kenny. They're both very capable and I believe they will survive those few months and then they will come back there and be a happy family

  • Shot Kenny, left with Jane, didn't let the family in. No regrets about my decision. Even if i had regrets, would not want to go back and change my playthrough as I feel I played it the way I should have based on my decisions last season and this. Reasoning:

    • Pretty much had Kenny's back all of season 1 except for slamming Lily's dad's face in and he still was being an a hole about me not having his back
    • Again had Kenny's back all of season 2 (sat to eat with him, wanted to escape the back of the moving truck with him, etc.) up until this last episode I was with Kenny all the way. He was going to far this time and I was fearing for my safety.
    • Kenny constantly flipped out on me when things were not my fault. Apologizes at the end, but I still believe he would continue to be a ticking time bomb if I let him live and he even tells me I made the right choice. I assure him he will be with Duck and Katcha now.
    • Based on my playthrough, Jane had pretty much taken me under her wing and I mirrored my decisions around what Jane would do much of this season. Logically with my fear of Kenny and my own personality starting to look like Jane's, I couldn't all of the sudden let her die. It wouldn't make sense.
    • I did not trust the family at the end. Clementine points out that Lee told her sometimes you need to hurt others to help out the ones you care about. I love how they connected this with the flashback that made this decision that I made make sense as something my Clementine would do. And seeing how the guy had a gun anyway and my Clem being pretty much bad ass all season, had to say back to them "What if I am dangerous?" as I pointed my gun in his face.
    • Frankly my Clementine does not need Kenny to look after her. While I still have Jane, I see us more as a team, then Jane looking after Clementine. We look after each other.

      • This whole season everyone (except Jane) seemed to sit on the sidelines to let me do everything, yet always were quick to point out that because I am a child it doesn't mean I am not responsible (especially Bonnie this episode. really? it's her fault that Luke dies. she broke the ice). Just once I wished I could have responded to the child lash out. Why can I not tell Bonnie it is her fault and why can I not point out that I have been the one sticking my neck out all the time (this is my only beef with this last episode).

    Overall I feel everyone should be happy with THEIR ending and stick with it. No one should criticize someone else's ending as it should have played out based on how their character developed.

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    Yes, I left Kenny so Clementine and AJ could live in Wellington. No, I do not regret my decision. Kenny and Clementine had been together ever since the first season and while this second season had its ups and downs in terms of their relationship, Kenny offering to basically sacrifice himself so the two children could live a life of relative safety within the security of Wellington's walls simply sealed the deal for me. As Lee put so well; Sometimes good people do bad things, especially now. Kenny had been no different throughout this game. He was a good man who had to do bad things which ultimately lead to his redemption.

    When it came to picking a choice at the gates of Wellington, I pondered over the choice for a solid five minutes. I finally decided to fulfill Kenny's wish by staying at Wellington and thus leaving him to roam the lands by himself. In the end, there's only one thing I am truly sure of; Kenny's only goal since the beginning of season 1 had been to keep his family safe, which is exactly what I did by letting Clementine stay at Wellington.

  • Well if you played/watched kenny's part of what he said he had reasonable thought of what happened with jane lot of people changed their mind Because of that

    Shot Kenny, left with Jane, didn't let the family in. No regrets about my decision. Even if i had regrets, would not want to go ba

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    NOBODY regrets the Kenny endings.


  • I'm conflicted. I hate Jane and love Kenny, yet I killed him and forgave her. I didn't want to but I felt like it was the right thing to do. Though honestly I was sick of all the stupid fighting by the end of it and was glad one of them was gone.

    New rule: no more than one adult in my group from now on. They fight like children...

  • I thought Clem would shoot his arm or something, not his gut :c

    NukemDukem posted: »

    i regret mine shot kenny

  • I killed Kenny and left Jane. No regrets. But it was sad when Kenny agreed with me shooting him and said we nearly made it to Wellington. When Clem was crying and said why did you make me... Damn so sad. I'm done with groups, They never work.

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    I regret very much.

    I shot Kenny and later that night I couldn't sleep, I was thinking "Oh my God, what have I done?" "Why did I do this?". But I finally found out why.
    All through season 1 and 2 I played as a mediator. I didn't want any member of the group to suffer or to get killed. I always tried to calm everything down in order to protect people I knew. And it worked, but not this time. I shot Kenny, because he was trying to KILL Jane. He could shout at, even punch but never kill another member. I thought like I couldn't let it go.

    That was a mistake. I wasn't satisfied with the ending. I felt like Clem is safe no more. Then I realised who Kenny really was. He was the only real and truly reliable protector of Clementine. He would kill every enemy that would ever threaten Clem or AJ. So, he wasn't making a murder, he was just doing more than anyone could ever promise to do.

    I couldn't smash Kenny's head so he falls uncouncious and then four of us go happily to Wellington. I had to choose ONE that would take better care of me. That's a huge step forward in storytelling by Telltale and I wasn't ready for it then.

    It seems like season 3 will be even more interesting than I expected.

  • I did the same thing too. I couldn't look Jane in the face after that. Maybe we could let bygones be bygones if clem bumps into her sometime in the future but...i dunno. My only concern is, if you pick the ending where clem and the baby go off on their own, im not sure how their going to introduce season 3. It just seemed a bit too aimless to me. Maybe they can make it work, but im not so sure. I think if you choose either jane or kenny makes for a better set up for season 3. But i definitly have no regrets.

    Same here. I don't necessarily regret it tho. I decided to go alone rather then with Jane so off into the walker hord I go....I can't wait for Season 3!

  • I felt it was for nothing too, but for the sake of keeping the episodes as natural as possible, i decided to leave jane behind and go it alone. I felt bad but i have no regrets at all. I had to make a decision. I felt lied too, and put in a position to kill a friend or let a friend be killed. Ofcourse he was going to flip out (who wouldn't?) after staging the death of the baby, so what kind of point was she really making? I couldnt look her in the eye after that so i took the kid and left...I was asked to forgive jane just minutes after the incident. I dont see how anyone could honestly do that so soon.

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    I regret it. I shot Kenny, though all the season I sided with him. Then I forgave Jane and took the family in. Man, when I watched

  • I thought I would when I saw Kenny put the knife though Jane’s heart, but when I reached Wellington and heard Kenny wanted to give his life for me and Alvin jr. I knew I made the right choice. Walking to Wellington you could see he was not crazy, he is just a man who always put his family first, and leaving Wellington with Kenny and Alvin I was leaving with my family.

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