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Petition for better voice audio quality

posted by puntloos on - last edited - Viewed by 2.9K users
Bought the entire season purely on the merit of the first game (from what, 1994?). Overall I liked the game a lot, although I suppose the situations could be slightly more 'zany' for my tastes.

One thing bugged me though, the bad audio quality used for the voice samples. Now I admit I'm a music lover so my standards are probably higher than average but really, the sound quality was so sub par.. what did you guys use, 10kbit mp3? (OK I overexaggerate a bit, but frankly I found the sound of the ORIGINAL game better :eek: )

(just to make it clear Im not suggesting to replace the voice actors, those were fine)

Please telltale games, won't you either

a/ encode the audio (I heartily reccommend ogg vorbis - its 100% free) at a higher bitrate
b/ keep the audio the same for internet download size reasons, but give us better audio in the CD release

I figure I'll add a poll here to see if I stand alone on this.
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  • Oh, ehm, and given that there are poll answers about 5 seconds after I posted my poll, I would humbly ask that you take some time to specifically listen to the voice quality for any lenght of time instead of just going on that you didn't notice it while playing. (not saying YOU did that, just generally ;) )

    Anyway while I'm at it, allow me to make another minor point. People's sensitivity to bad sound quality is always increasing. When 128kbit mp3's hit the scene (again, 1993 or so..) they called it 'near CD quality' and very few people criticized that. By now, many people would be ashamed to play such mp3's to friends while saying 'here, listen to how awesome my new stereo sounds!'. I submit that MAYBE you don't hear the problems today, but that in the future, this might start to bug you, while it is little to no additional effort for telltale to fix this stuff pre-emptively. The human brain learns to listen for things, and in some samples, the compression artifacts really stick out. (at least for me, longtime mp3-listener)
  • Heh, hey, 7-4 now..

    Anyway I suppose I should've added another poll option: 'It's OK but I don't mind it improving'
  • puntloos;15203 said:

    Anyway I suppose I should've added another poll option: 'It's OK but I don't mind it improving'
    That would be even more poll engineering than what you've already done...
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The quality of the voice samples has been brought up plenty of times on these forums, and people at Telltale know that fans have brought this up as an issue. What will we do about it, if anything? I don't know. We've kicked around the idea of releasing a downloadable patch that would swap in high quality speech, or maybe just going high quality on the CD release, or both, or neither.

    It's totally up in the air for now.

    Needless to say, we've read the threads (and believe it or not we've also played the game a couple times), and it's being discussed.
  • I thought they would already use ogg vorbis at least for the aud files...

    Ogg can sometimes delay a bit so it can make sense using a mix of uncompressed formats like wav for responsive short stuff and a compressed one like ogg for all the long sounds.
  • Seriously guys, quit your damn bitching. It's getting old, and it's not going to change anyway.
  • A wise man once said "Only bitches complain about bitching, when there is no bitching in sight". Or maybe he wasn't that wise. But anyways, this is just constructive critisism, it's not like they're saying "OMG! SUXOR SOUND PLZ!#@£$@£€", they're just voicing a concern.

    Well, my point is anyways my dear friend, if noone points out what THEY believe is a down-point in someones art, the artist never find out, and has no way of even considering if it's a valid critisism, and thus maybe even contemplating if they should do something about it or not.

    Me myself, didn't notice it, but then again, I have a lousy stereo.
  • I've just always thought it was fine. There has never been one person's impression of sam or max that I thought was off.

    Let's just say the guys from hit the road died... should we just cancel the series forever because of it?

    No, of course not. Give the new guys a chance. I'm sure the old actors had time to refine their work, let the new ones get a chance, too.
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    I think the original poster is fine with the new voice actors, it was the audio quality he was discussing. :)
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