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Girl sizes?

posted by Steve2000 on - last edited - Viewed by 438 users
When you say that the Max Crossbones t-shirts come in regular and "girl" sizes what does that mean? I want to buy a shirt for my wife, but I am not sure what size to get - are the girl sizes really women's sizes or are the actually for young women? Is there some sort of sizing chart available?
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  • They're women's sizes, even though they're commonly known as "girl shirts". They're more fitted than a standard t-shirt. There is a none too flattering picture of me wearing one here.

    This site is selling the same brand of shirt (but without Max!) They have a size chart.

    If you need more help, you can send me a PM with your wife's height, etc. and I'll ask the other women in the office what size they wear and figure out which size would be best.
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