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Works in Linux/wine

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I've been able to have it installed and working in Linux without too much hassle, as with any game under wine, different distributions/versions/machines/game graphic setup may or not

I posted how I did in this thread but as title is a bit 'missleading' I'll copy my findings here with a better target title in case anyone is looking for it
I pulled out a laptop where I had some old wine (1.1.1) on Debian and it works prety ok so far (I have not properly setup audion in that comp so I can't tell about sound), mouse controls ok, keyboard ok, quality maxed (9)

All I had to do was:

- run the installer in wine
- uncheck 'check for DX updates'
- get a copy of the file D3DX9_41.dll (you have one in any windows install of the game in the game's folde) and copy into wine's game's folder
- (I didn't launch game nor made a Desktop shortcut in the end)
- run the game in wine (MonkeyIsland101)
- when launcher pops up may be messed up (it was for me, all blank but an edit box to type the serial number in)
- type the serial number (from TT's your games page) (you need a working internet connection set up in Linux for it to work)
- wait some seconds, if launcher is blank (as it happened to me) kill/close the window
- run the game again in wine
- instead of the serial number input edit box you will get an hypertext link to start the game, click it and game will run

happy gaming
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  • Great news, hope it also works for me.
  • Thanks for the post and details!

    I will give it a shot and see if I can get the same results on my Ubuntu box!
  • THIS IS GREAT! No doubt the same will work on a Mac too!

    I mean, I'm running it on my PC (only at graphical quality 6 though). But I like to know that if for some reason I want it on my Mac or Linux PC, that I can! :-D

    I also like to know that people without Windows can play this fantastic game too!
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    Sounds great, I pre-ordered hoping that since Sam and Max is reported as working this should be as well. I just couldn't pass on the special Steve Purcell cover.

    Now if the download server could stop being so slow, only feeding my ~150kB/s.
  • Seems to work, if I encounter any obvious abnormalities I'll post it here.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. If any of you is wondering what my setup is, I'm running a stock Wine 1.01/Ubuntu 9.04 installation.

    note: I tried XP/Virtualbox, but securom prevents it from running.
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    Well, entering the serial didn't work in the latest version (1.1.25) for me so I installed an older one for that. However, I can't change the resolution. Whenever I do X crashes, and playing at 1024x768 stretched to 1680x1050 is just a no-no.

    Guess I have to wait for a newer version of Wine. :-(

    *curses windows only developers*

    UPDATE: One of the ScummVM developers gave me the tip to make wine use a virtual desktop (winecfg). Now I can run it at 1680x1050. :-D

    Though I'll still curse you developers for using DirectX!
  • Another Wine success here, with Wine 1.0.1 on debian. I did nothing about the DirectX thing, just clicked on straight through in the installer. The launcher looks all messed up and it hung after I entered my serial. I just killed it and could start the game after that.

    So far I've had two seemingly random crashes, so I'm saving frequently. Otherwise all seems fine. Sound works and graphics look good in 1680x1050 at quality 9.
  • vEX;152715 said:
    Well, entering the serial didn't work in the latest version (1.1.25) for me so I installed an older one for that.
    You can use the older version to enter the serial number and make the hyperlink appear. After that you can just install 1.1.25 again and the hyperlink will still be there. (Of course the game itself plays just fine in 1.1.25)
  • Saúde!

    The game works fine using wine on my linux box: same graphics as using windows... a bit slower performance, but greater performance can be reached running with a low graphics quality (5 or 6). I'm using a 1280 x 720 screen resolution without any problems...

    But i have a real trouble with the sound: It doesn't works.

    I tried modifying the sound options on the TOMI menu, but it doesn't works...

    Someone with the same problem??? someone who can help me, pleeeeaaaassse???

    My box: Debian GNU/Linux (Testing/Squeeze), using a 2.6.28-2-686 kernel, on an Intel Pentium Dual-core 2000 GHz microprocessor, 4 GB RAM, and a nVidia 9000M graphic card with 256 MB VRAM (nVidia linux driver 180.60). My WINE version is 1.0.1.

  • I had to downgrade Wine to be able to put in the serial number, but it's working great now. :D
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