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posted by Guybrush_Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 6K users
If Telltale bought from LEC the rights to make a sequel, which one would you like most?
Maniac Mansion 3? Monkey Island 5? THE REAL Monkey Island 3? Indiana Jones and whoknowswhat (but a GRAPHIC ADVENTURE)?
This thread isn't obviously dedicated to any Telltale member, I'm not asking anything 'cause I know I won't get an answer :D
All of the other ones start daydreaming!!!
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  • DaEvilZombiePirateLeChuck;10631 said:
    Ok i agree that there is always a way if you want to but i'm gonna rewrite my text a little...

    Grim Fandango is already the perfect game and I can't see how the story will be able to continue inn a good game that does not destroy the great story the game already have.

    That's why i think they should try a new Maniac Mansion instead of a Grim Fandango of they get the chanse
    Basically you're saying what I said earlier, don't pull an MI4. Grim Fandango 2 could be done, sure, but it'd be forced. It's remembered as a perfect game. Don't ruin it by forcing a sequel out of it. MI4 was not a labour of love like the previous games. It felt more like Lucasarts churning out another Monkey Island game simply because they could, not because they wanted to.
  • I'd really like to see another Monkey Island game, however I'd much rather prefer it in the cartoony style of Curse of Monkey Island. That game, is visually and audibly my favorite adventure game I have played. The writing in that game has some great moments (how can you beat the dialogues between Murray and Guybrush, cmon?)

    Guybrush Threepwood: How can you see without eyeballs?
    Murray: How can you walk around without a brain? Some things no one can answer.

    Although I may be biased because I have never tried the first two MI games (im guesing i will probably get flack for that). Full Throttle was a fun game too though it didn't have the lasting effect that Monkey island had on me over the years.

    My vote is for Monkey Island - and I will share with you this comic as another bid for remake (and a shameless plug).

  • Derwin;10247 said:
    Actually... yes!!! Playing as seemingly insignificant little demons could be great fun, and could lead to some humorous situations. I like it!
    Close, but I had something slightly different in mind. Yes, they'd be similar in purpose and position, but they wouldn't be "demons", per se; merely ordinary humans who are enslaved to Satan. Similar potential for comedy, more potential for examining human character.

    This is actually a rather shameless plug for my design, Macabre. I think the world it allows for is definitely intriguing, and could be populated by all manner of delightful badness.
  • Grim Fandango 2 could work, but I don't think it should focus on Manny. Manny's story is fully explored, but the Land of the Dead... not so much. It's such a lovely, rich world that I would love to see another game set there. It could use some of the same characters as Grim Fandango, the ones who remained in the Land of the Dead, but it would feature an entirely new cast.

    It's still not necessary. It's better to see some genuine originals come out.
  • I saw an interview about 6 months back where the head of Lucasarts had plans to start 're-making' those point and click games, in about 8 years time when they'd finished making more Star Wars game.

    Wtf.. I can't remember where I saw it aswell.
  • Roll on 2015...

    New MI games equivalent to Bewitched, Hazzard movies.

    I don't think you should be taking Jim Ward quite so literally.
  • Haha - thanks anyway. Yeah I couldn't see it happening anyway.
  • I'm saying Monkey Island. It has a great potential since it still has a story that needs an end. We need Ron Gilbert. I would just ignore the last two games CMI and EMI but I would keep one thing from those games, the voice actors I think they fit the parts completly. If Lucasarts does happen to make a MI in 2015 they have to include Mr Gilbert.
  • I would be over joyed to see a Day Of the Tentacle 2. I purchsed the game back in '94 and still play DOTT to this day. I actually played it through just the other day so a friend could experience the joy. I forgot just how much laughing you do the first time through. That isn't to say I don't still chuckle at jokes on the 30th play through.

    God I hate that clown. He just laughs and laughs. ;)
  • That would be Monkey Island for me. I liked MI 3, and even Ron Gilbert appraised it. He didn't comment about number 4 though :O. Guess he didn't want to say it in the face. Anyways, I hate to ignore MI 3 and lovely Murry :). But they have to get Ron to finish the story this time and reveal the secret of monkey island. Man, some fans died out there without a clue what it is!
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