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Cannot download game!!!

posted by scollege on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
I have been trying to download this freaking purchased game (Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine) since 12/10 (it's 12/11 now). The connection will not go any faster than 25 kbps (even though I have a DSL connection. I might as well be using an old 56k or something!).

I've been letting it run for over 24 hours now. I'm finally at about 85% and now I am getting errors when attempting to finish (see below image):


Yes, I have tried completely disabling my firewalls.

Yes, I obviously have an Internet connection (I'm sending this, aren't I?).

Yes, I am throughly fed up.

I can provide my order # upon request.

If this can't get resolved soon I'll need a refund.
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  • Sorry to hear it's been so slow. :(

    The good news is that our games use a download manager that keeps track of how much you've already downloaded. After getting that error message, if you double-click the "Download Al Emmo Now" shortcut (or whatever it's called) on your desktop, the download should resume from the point where it dropped off. Please give that a try. I've gotten that error sometimes downloading games from inside our office -- not sure why, since it's not a firewall problem, but I've always been able to resume the download and it picks up where it left off.

    If you're still having trouble, let me know and I can burn the setup file to a CD and drop it in the mail for you.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Sorry you're having trouble, scollege! Someone will likely be able to provide you with a direct download URL (or better solution) tomorrow when they get to work (its 9:30 in the evening right now in California, so nobody's at the office at the moment).

    edit: I guess Emily beat me to the punch with a real suggestion. Awesome. (and scary)
  • HI,

    i had the some problem. I can´t download the setup file. what should i do ?? Can i canceld my order ?? i´ve payed with paypal. And shipping a CD is not a good idea, because i´m from germany.
  • Hi CrazyER,

    Sorry to hear it. :( It's a big file, so I understand why some people would have trouble downloading it.

    We can refund your order. Send an email with your order number to [email][/email] and we'll take care of it.

    In future we hope to offer a smaller download for this game, so maybe you can try again then. :)
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