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The End

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[SPOILER]I have a puddle of tar, help?[/SPOILER]
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  • I believe it's carla too
  • Definite Carla, at least I hope it's Carla <3
  • Carla? I didn't even think of her! I figured it'd be someone new. You guys are purrdy smart.
  • I don't see how it's her.
    What bone does she have to pick with Guybrush?
    Unless, of course, he screwed up in the large year gap from EMI to TOMI with her.
  • Ankalagon;152624 said:
    I believe it's carla too
    She was holding her weapon like a real Sword Master.
  • I had some trouble with this puzzle too. The last bit was a bit tricky.

    I don't think the woman at the end is Carla. Carla was in EMI, and the voice is not a match at all. Sure they could have recast her, but I don't think they'd go with such a different voice for her. Kate Capsize seems more likely. The voice is a better fit. I don't think she carried a sword in MI2, but she was no push-over. It could be a new character, but what she says to Guybrush and the way they keep her identity a secret makes it more likely that she's a returning character. My money is on Kate.
  • Well, yes, but that's almost certainly an assumed name. We're speculating on who she really is.
  • My first thought was Carla. Looking through previous characters in the series there's never been other female roles beyond Elaine...
  • Let's keep this discussion in one thread.

    There you go.
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