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What should i spend my free game voucher on?

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Hi, like many I preorderd MI and after completing that, I am wondering what to spend my free game voucher on?

I already have the first season of Sam and Max, so am leaning towards Wallace and Gromit, but which episode is the best?

Or do you recommend using it with something else?

Thanks very much.
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  • I'm also doubtful as to what to get, I'm ordering both Sam & Max seasons and I'm really into Wallace and Gromit style. Bone or Strong Bad will do it.
  • I, personally, didn't enjoy the bones games nearly as much as some of the other games Telltale does. They were made earlier on and just aren't quite as refined with the interface (or humor) as the other stuff Telltale does. Both seasons of Sam and Max are great, although I like the second season better than the first, particularly the last three episodes. (For some reason Ice Station Santa just wasn't as good as the other eps-- except for the guns around the north pole, that was comedic gold). Strong Bad was good, very similar to the strong bad emails with Dangeresque by far being my favorite episode. But 8-bit was also a very good episode, and Strong Badia the Free coming in as third favorite. Although, I would take Sam and Max any day over Strong Bad.

    Wallace and Gromit, still very true to the original style and more subtle humor. (Although if you get the first one, be sure to have Wallace pull the lever that's supposed to get him out of bed, there's a funny little line there.) It'd be hard for me to say which episode I liked the best, though. You might want to see what other people say on that. I haven't played the CSI gamesor the poker game, just because they didn't appeal to me as much.

    Hopefully that helps.
  • that was brilliant, thanks for the advice
  • (Heroic Pose) I'm only here to help. :D
  • I think I'm going to get a W&G episode with my freebie.
    Is there any time limit on when we have to redeem the coupon? I could save it for Sam & Max season 3..... or perhaps another game (Loom remake, Maniac Mansion etc)
  • I would recommend these:

    Strong Badia The Free - Best overall episode of SBCG4AP. Very funny, very good story for an adventure game.

    Baddest of the Bands - This is hands down the funniest episode of SBCG4AP. I was bursting out laughing multiple times. The story gets repetitive, though.


    Fright Of The Bumblebees - This was an okay episode. The plot wasn't very good but the humour was alright.

    The Last Resort - If you must choose one W&G, choose this one. This has a great plot, great length, and great humour.

    Muzzled - It was a great episode, I just don't feel you should start the series with this particular episode, It would just seem... off.
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Alucard;153392 said:
    Is there any time limit on when we have to redeem the coupon?
    The free voucher is good for one year, I believe.
  • It depends. If you want more Sam & Max, go with Ice Station Santa.
    Like W&G better than Strong Bad? Get The Last Resort.
    Like Strong Bad better than W&G? Get 8-Bit is Enough (If you don't mind it being the last episode.)
  • Season 2 of Sam & Max is a lot better than the first, and all episodes in S2 come highly recommended.
  • I used mine on Telltale Texas Hold'em since it's the only Telltale game I didn't already own.
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