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Did you play the game with the Hint system turned all the way up or down?

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The first thing I did was turn the hint system all the way down to no bars. It took me 9 hours to beat, but where is the fun when the game tells you what to do. I loved the game and have started playing it all over again. Looking forward to the next one.
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  • I played without hints. Got through the game in just a little over three hours.
  • I didn't even notice the option for hint frequency, so I played the whole thing at default. But it never really gave anything away. The only hint I remember was "This jungle is noisy", relating to the first treasure map. But I'm sure I would've figured it out anyway. But to be on the safe side, I'll turn off hints next time.
  • CaptainWicket, in my game Threepwood said that noisy jungle line even though I had hints turned off.

    Maybe the hint settings was not working properly for me.
  • I didn't even know there was a hint system, I left it at default and didn't really get any hints at all... I think once Guybrush said something about the wind compass thing, but I was in the process of using the item when he started to say something about it...

    The game was kind of on the short side. I don't see how you could've goten 9 hours out of it. I think I barely got 3 hours out of it. Maybe 4, tops.
  • The game clocked around 9 hours for me as well without hints. I didn't even use one hint the whole time I played. And the "jungle sure is noisy" line didn't play enough times to clue me into that solution; I figured that out on my own. For me some of the puzzles were pretty hard; I'm no expert at puzzles even though I've played a lot of adventure games.
  • It appears that even when turned all the way down, it's not turning it OFF, it's just making the frequency of hints very low. So you could still get "lucky" and have him say something.
  • I turned the hints down a single notch before starting the game, but every time a hint popped up, my first thought was always, "Well, yeah....I thought of that part already. What now?" So I don't know that it helped really. I might just shut them off entirely in the next episode.

    It took me about 4 hours to finish the game.
  • just wondering, i have the hint system off, but i still seem to get hints when i am following the map, Guybrush says "this looks promising" when i go the corect way, and when doing the idol puzzle Guybrush mentions that the symbols could be related to the weather vane.
  • Turned them off and relied on guides when I got stuck. I don't see the need of having hints thrown at me when I don't need them.
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