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Status of PayPal orders - UPDATED 12/12 with good news!

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For those eagerly awaiting news on the PayPal situation...

1) PayPal now works for the Sam & Max Season 1 set! Kudos to the guys at Digital River for finally figuring out what the problem was and getting this fixed for us. The promotion to upgrade from episode 1 to season 1 for $26 will be available in a couple of days. When it's ready, I will send out emails to all of you who contacted me about the problem to let you know. Thanks everyone for your patience while this got straightened out. :D

2) Buying with PayPal through the Culture Shock demo (or any of our other demos) is broken right now. If you are going to pay with PayPal, PLEASE do so through our online store. If you've already downloaded the trial version of the game you're purchasing, you can unlock it after the transaction is complete by clicking "I've already purchased this" and entering your order number and the password you created when you placed the order.

3) Some people were posting this weekend about PayPal being restricted to credit cards (which sort of defeats the point!) We just played around with it and found that this is not the case, but it is a little confusing. If you order using an email address that is NOT the same as your PayPal email address, when you get to the PayPal part of the transaction, you'll see a page that looks like this:


You've arrived on this page because PayPal does not recognize your email address, and your only option on this page is to pay with a credit card. To use a bank account (or whatever other funding options you have linked to your PayPal account) you need to click where it says "Pay Fast With PayPal" up near the top of the screen. Doing so takes you to this screen:


Log in to your account using your PayPal email address and password, click Continue, and you should now be taken to a page that lets you choose from whichever payment options are part of your account, including a bank account if you have that set up.

If you want to pay by withdrawing funds from a bank account, you need to set this up as part of your PayPal account before you'll be able to use it in Telltale's store. Keep in mind that PayPal does not support bank account withdrawal in all countries (but there may be other options available to you, such as wire transfer).

I hope this clears up some of the confusion about PayPal purchases in our store. We are working very hard to make the process more user friendly and to fix the things that are broken. If your experience with PayPal is not working as described in this post, please let us know.
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  • What's the Status on buying complete Season One via PayPal?
  • Still working on it.

    When this is up and running, we will be throwing confetti and shouting the news from the rooftops, don't worry. ;)
  • Great, we're waiting for it!! Ep 1 is awesome by the way :D
  • Some bad dream ... I had. Next episode in January
  • So I bought the episode 1, tried to pay for it on Paypal, site crashed after it had accepted payment, I'm sorry but WTF?! I'm in UK... If the site has crashed after taking my money, can I please get a refund?! I can't afford to waste $10.29 and not get anything for it.
  • Hi Rich,

    Of course you'll get your game! We're not in the habit of taking money from people without giving them anything in return. ;) (Or, if you want a refund, as I said on the other thread, that's fine too.)

    I looked up the email address you have registered with the forum and do not see any orders for that address. If you used a different address, please send it to me in a PM so I can look you up. If you used the same address to place the order, then it looks like the order didn't go through anyway.
  • Hi,

    I Just tried to buy the whole season with pay pal and have had the same problem. I have no credit card, but i live in Australia and have been able to use direct deposit for every other paypal purchace. Can someone email me when you guys get the pay pal thing sorted?;)

  • Could you please take screenshots of the PayPal screens you're seeing (you can black out any sensitive information) and email them to me at emily -at- We have not been able to duplicate this PayPal problem. I just tried it yesterday and was given the option to use my PayPal balance, my credit card, or my bank account to pay for the season -- all of the options that are linked to my PayPal account.

    I understand that if you transfer the money into your account first, you should then be able to use it to pay for the season. But I don't understand why you're not getting the bank account option up front, when everyone who's tried it in Telltale's office has had that option. (It's a conspiracy theory, I tell you! :D) Unless it has something to do with the country of origin; obviously we're all trying it from the US.
  • Is it now possible to pay the season with paypal? What about me having payed for episode one? :)
  • You can buy the complete season with paypal now. The upgrade offer will work with paypal too, but that deal is still coming soon.
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