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AWESOME!!! ...but bigger font for subtitles, pretty please!

posted by GozzoMan on - last edited - Viewed by 350 users
Narwhal is nothing short of Awesome! Wonderful! Brilliant! I'm shivering me timbers in sheer excitement and pleasure! :D :eek: I haven't finished it yet, I want it to last a few days! :D

In the words of Frank Zappa: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :p

The only problem that spoiled a little the experience to me: the size of the font for subtitles :o

They're so small that, especially in some scenes, it's difficult for a user who needs to read the subtitles to look at and appreciate the animation... which is excellent by the way! So that's a real pity :o I found myself clicking the same dialog twice just to first understand what was said and then watch the animation.

I found the font for Sam & Max and Wallace & Gromit far more apt, I hadn't the same problem with those.

It may seem strange to native English speakers, I presume, but for non-native it's often much more easy to effortlessly understand written English than spoken. For this audience, quickly and easily readable English subtitles are really important to aid the comprehension of the audio and fully enjoy the game! Even if they're big enough to cover a little what's happening on screen.

Then, as a complementary suggestion on the road for uber-perfectness, it would be nice to have font with border, to ensure the words never fuse with what's on screen because of same or very similar color (it happens a few times).

Again... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :D
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  • Really? How far away do you sit from the screen?
  • I would like it too actually. I have bad eyesight, and it's kind of hard to read.
  • Guybrush Threepwood;154908 said:
    Really? How far away do you sit from the screen?
    As I said... enough to be comfortable with Sam & Max and Wallace & Gromit subtitles and not this' ones.

    It's not about being able to read the subtitles tout-court (this can also be an issue though, as in the case of Teppic, since they are really small anyhow), it's about to being able to quickly and easily reading the subtitles while looking at and enjoying the animation.

    Oh, and I can quickly and easily see that you sit like a troll-costumed cow, enjoying it quite as far as enjoying troll-costumed cows sitting goes these days.
  • I don't mind the font, but in some places the contrast between the text and the yellow sand was almost non-existent.

    Could we please get some kind of thin black outline around the text? That should fix any existing and future contrast issue...
  • i totally quote the gozzoman's suggestion for next episodes!
  • The font are perfects when I play near the screen but I think that an option for a bigger font will be good too, because I tried to play from the bed with the wireless mouse, but it was impossible to read subtitles (I'm italian and can't understand all the words without subtitles)
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