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Completed the first part.. Now what?

posted by Valfader on - last edited - Viewed by 950 users
All right, so I pre-ordered the game with much anticipation. Did the same thing with the Curse of Monkey Island Special Edition as well.
It is now 05:30 AM (GMT+1), and I have played through the entire game. I was even stuck at a certain part in the jungle for about 25 minutes. So the total enjoyable gametime in this part came down to about 4 hours. And that includes listening to the dialogues as well as experimenting with different item merge combinations.

All in all I wasn't so much disappointed with the game itself, rather than the shortness of the episode. After all, there was a lot of fuzz in regards to the release.. And I now have to wait a full month to continue? What's the point of that?

It seems to me like the one episode-per-month release plan was something you did in order to buy time to continue coding the game. Which in my oppinion is a bad thing. I will now have to endure the frustration of waiting to see what happens next for nearly 6 months.. And for what?

I'm already coming up with a wall of text here, so I'll try to shorten it down. This is what you did good and bad in Tales of Monkey Island:

- Smooth running game engine
- Pleasant graphics
- Familiar voice acting
- Some challenging puzzles
- Some references to the previous games
- A new twist on the whole LeChuck-thing

- No obvious way of skipping dialogue you've heard before
- The character controls are horrible
- You did not specify a release time, other than claiming the game to be available for downloading at the 7th of July. This kept me waiting for 19 hours.
- The integrated hint system in the game, even with non-frequent hints, becomes annoying really fast.
- Most dialogue was boring, even though the choises to choose from were not.
- This game did NOT make me laugh out loud like the other games did.
- The game was way too short to justify the long wait time for part 2.

So, as you can tell, I am pretty disappointed with the release and certain aspects of the game. Even though I have been a loyal fan for nearly 20 years. I'm hoping that the rest of you will share some input here as well when you complete the game, and hopefully give a better average experience than the one I had.


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  • Deeper though, if you want to know the exact difference.
  • Obviously this guy is not used to Telltale's release model. Yes, the next episode is a month away because it's still being worked on - that's what Telltale do. Generally they are working on 3ish episodes at once so right now chapter 2 is coming to a head, chapter 3 is going into production-proper and chapter 4 is being written, most likely.

    This model allows them to do a swift and steady series of releases over several months. It's a very efficient way of working as compared to many other studios that have tried to do episodic content!
  • Inso is right. I am not at all used to the episodic release.

    And given some time to think about it, it's not all that bad. After all, like some of you stated, if I spent 4 hours on this, it adds up to be a total of 20 hours of playtime for ~35 bucks.

    But it still feels.. Well, I'm not sure how to put it.. It just feels wrong to release episode by episode this way. From a business perspective it might be both good and bad to get a feel for how the community responds before dwelling deeper into the story. Yet I can't help but feeling somewhat tricked.

    Once again, this definetly has something to do with how I am used to live my life. I personally hate waiting, especially for something that I have already paid for. But then again, the per-episode-price isn't that high either.. And I did get a free episode (of Sam & Max no less) of another game. That helped.

    Since I posted this thread I have played through the game 3 times, and I even considered to make a walkthrough movie and publish it on Youtube. The game is entertaining enough, aside from the flaws I stated in the OP.

    I thank you all for your interest in the game and my oppinion, as well as the clearly mature audience that beats down Trolls™ with ease.

    Have a good one!
  • I played on laptop with a touch pad , and the controls were easy to get used to. Note that you can run if you also hold right click while walking.
  • thin029 wrote: »
    I loved it, I'm 100% satisfied.
    Can't wait for part 2

    This is the correct answer, if your a long time fan, you got to be over the moon with this product...
  • Fury wrote: »
    Even though it will be awhile until Episode 2, we got the game like 2 months after it was announced (or was it 1? felt like 2...). That's pretty freaking awesome, and I am looking forward to playing em one a month. If you don't like it, just wait until all 5 are out, though I doubt ANYONE* could pull that off.

    We got the game like a month and a few days after it was announced.
  • I agree with what you said other than that release date thing, I didn't care too much about that.
  • If you wanna pass the time quickly, just play Secret, then Revenge, then Curse, then Escape, then Narwhal and by the time you've finished 'em it'll probably have been a month so then you can just go strait into playing "The Siege of Spinner Cay"!
  • Valfader wrote: »
    Inso is right. I am not at all used to the episodic release.

    But then again, the per-episode-price isn't that high either.. And I did get a free episode (of Sam & Max no less) of another game. That helped.

    Have a good one!

    Don't forget, if you enjoy your Sam and Max episode, then you can also download Season 1 "Episode 4 - Abe Lincoln Must Die" for free as well, I think :)
  • I still don't understand how you feel like you are being tricked. Where's the trick? They're selling you an episodic game and it's being released episodically.
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