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a little help needed...again :p

posted by Mitchell on - last edited - Viewed by 550 users
Okay, i just escaped from the scientist when he was about to cut off my hand. I talked to the pirate by the court, and he gave me the Mantle eye glass. Now what do i do?
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  • Mitchell;154305 said:
    No, but i do got the unbreakable bottle with the do i break it?
    [SPOILER]the glassblower pirate has a tool to break bottles. talk to him and then fire the canon on your ship and he will drop it[/SPOILER]
  • Luffy;154317 said:
    Maybe there's a glass expert around
    and you need to do something with your canon
  • Okay i got the anchient scroll and did the puzzle, i made it to the door, now what? I gotta open it some how, "the portal "
  • That blue nose is made out of a bottle breaker
    You cant open it.. only the Dr can
    Also the parrot you found from the voodoos place.. comes in use here
  • So go see the Dr? Which is the scientist?
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    The crystal nose needs to be broken by something.

    And then you can prove to the Dr you know about the door.
  • Okay i did that and now i have to open the door. I took the head thing from the door also. I have to open it now. How? I put the bird in there, but nothing happened.
  • Notice that you can hear the bird talking on the other side of the door.
    I bet if someone else was there, they would think you're already on the other side and open up the door.
    I wonder who can open up that door? Maybe you should pay him a visit...
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