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Axis, etc for the Idols

posted by Mitchell on - last edited - Viewed by 250 users
I need the axis for the messed up idol and the two eyes for the other idol. Where do i get those?
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  • Do you have the cheese wheel?
    The one with the broken axis will be the final idol you need to repair. Something will turn up so the wheels can spin.
  • -Look at he messed up idol and listen to Guybrush -- he suggests you may want to wait to do this one 'later'.

    -Hm, if the eyes are no-where to be found, you may need to improvise.
    -Did you notice all the carvings all around the island?
    -When you first came on the island, did you notice all the carvings in town? I bet they gave Guybrush a good 'impression'
  • OHHh THE JAIL EYES WOOT thank you very much!
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