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Wii have region lock >_

posted by Alucard on - last edited - Viewed by 783 users
Hey all. I hope everyone is enjoying their wii's (for those of you who have managed to get one). I saw the thread for friend codes which is nice also. Something that is a bit of a problem is starting to rear it's head on the Wii. I'm talking about the regional lock. One of the big things which was touted by next gen systems was the removal from region lock. Many 360 games do not have this lock as well as sony not having locks on their games for the ps3. Nintendo Nintendo DS and PSP are lock free. However, Nintendo is locking many of their games on the Wii. This is a real pain in the ass since many good games in Japan never make it to our shores. Importing these games is an option if you can get over the language barrier. Anyway, with Nintendo allowing regional lock on their games it is like spitting in the face of loyal fans. I encourage you to write to the big N and voice your support. Hopefully we can break down the internationall walls and stop getting the short end of the stick when it comes to software from Japanese companies.
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