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De Singe's Lab - Appreciation thread

posted by WDeranged on - last edited - Viewed by 652 users
I thought this scene deserves it's own thread, everything about it screams classic adventuring, the art direction is pure Lucasarts heyday quality and the puzzle was perfect.

The fact that I really wanted to be able to walk guybrush around it after escaping is testament to that, even though I'd clicked the room dry of info I just wanted to poke into the corners a bit more or see if I could get into the backroom.

Lovely use of depth of field too, the flattening effect on foreground objects evokes memories of the 2D days.

A runner up is the voodoo lady's shack, really nice, it's a shame the outdoor scenes don't quite match up to the indoor quality but it's still damn good :cool:
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