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TOMI freezes on startup load screen

posted by HotAsMaPacman on - last edited - Viewed by 417 users
I downloaded the TOMI demo and let it update my drivers. The game starts up, I click past the registry screen, and then the game just freezes on a scull and crossbones loading screen. Nothing happens on this screen--there is no animation or sign that anything is happening. It just freezes completely and I have to turn off my computer just to get out of the screen. Any idea what is going wrong?
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  • Can you tell me some of your pc specs? Go to your Start menu and click on Run.
    Type in "dxdiag" and hit enter.
    Then go to the Display tab
    While here, the useful things for us:
    Current Display Mode:
    Main Driver:
    Also, what is your operating system?
  • Never mind, I got it working. Thanks for replying though.
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