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Never received order

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I ordered a Sam and Max T-shirt a few days before the game was released, I was told it was shipped on the 30th of October, but I never recieved it. I couldnt find any contact email addresses to contact about it so I replied to the order email.

Who should I talk to ?

My Order ID is: 4673556100
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  • If you replied to the order confirmation, your email should have come in to our support address, but I don't see it. When did you send that email?

    Your order shipped on 11/3. We have had reports of orders taking a very long time to get to Europe and Australia by regular mail. I'll have a replacement sent out but I don't know how quickly it'll get to you. :(
  • I sent the reply on the 23rd of November (australian date, so it might have been the 22nd in North America)

    Thank you for your assistance.
  • I heard back from DR that you'll need to cancel the first order and place a new one. They are going to walk you through this process. Have you heard from them yet?

    Please keep me updated on what happens with this. Thanks.
  • They didnt ask me for anything, just said they are proccessing a refund.

    So I guess I will reorder it.
  • Can you please forward any emails you received from them regarding this issue to me? The email address is emily -at-

  • Has anything else happened since you got that email? Did you place another t-shirt order? Please let me know.
  • I forwarded the emails they sent me.

    I reordered it and the Order ID is: 4764576800
  • I got the emails, thanks. Did anyone ever contact you to walk you through the order, or did you just do it on your own?
  • No one contacted me. I just did it myself.
  • I'm very sorry about that. They were supposed to contact you to explain what was going on. :(

    Thanks for placing the new order. Please post here and let me know when you get it.
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