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A question about Tax

posted by Johelian on - last edited - Viewed by 506 users
I was just wondering - why do non-US residents still need to pay tax on your merchandise?
Many thanks.
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  • Taxes are calculated by Digital River based on the laws in the country you're buying from. Some US states have sales tax depending on the rules of your state, and a lot European countries require VAT, even on downloadable goods.
  • Ok thanks - its just Ive never been charged on US products at time of purchase. I guess my next question is - what happens in the case that I am charged import tax as well on the CD version of the game when its shipped to me? Or will that be marked at zero value?
  • I don't know exactly how it'll work yet, but rest assured we're going to try to set it up in a way that doesn't screw anyone over. ;)
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