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DIE LUF DER FLOTSAM SAUGEN - you gotta be kidding

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(concerning the flag of Flotsam island)

That must be the most sorry attempt to translate an english sentence into german i have ever seen.

It's so bad that it's not even funny bad anymore. Any free online sentence translator could do it better than this word by word translation.

Not only the total disregard of all grammar, or the miss-spelling of one out of four german 3-4 letter words but also the fact that the saying even translated correctly doesn't make any sense to start with.

Just out of curiosity, why did you have to go for "German" on that flag if you don't even have the resources to type the sentence into babelfish.
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  • Mad Mary;154943 said:
    Oh my gawd... ROFL! Sorry, but it's [SPOILER]HORNED[/SPOILER]. The word you used means... well... never mind.
    I know what is the double meaning for it, that's why I posted it :) Saw it fit for this topic...
    Anyhow, [SPOILER]horny is a thing that possesses a horn.[/SPOILER]
  • Leak;153846 said:
    Also diese Aussage saugt ja wohl gewaltig...

    (Lately, "saugen" is used a lot in the "this sucks" sense in German...)
    ger.: Also wenn ich das mal jemanden so verwenden höre, werde ich ihm wahrscheinlich eine kleben!
    engl.: If I ever here someone using it that way in german, I'll probably glue him some!

    OK, now who's getting this joke?
  • Mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller Aale :(
  • So Telltale just wanted to say "the wind of Flotsam (Island) sucks".
    Why they were trying to say it in german, why they used Luf(t) instead of Wind which would make more sense (probably cause Wind wasnt deutsch enough, cause its the same word as in english) and why the "t" is missing - maybe we will find out in later Episodes when more Kraut-Deutsch hits on Monkey Island.
    And I think its no recycling-sign but more a spiral of wind - guess its the towns banner so it would fit.

    Finds nachdem ich den thread durchgelesen habe, trotzdem immer noch seltsam und irgendwie unlustig...

    Btw. even if the german translation makes no sense, it would correctly be:

    "Die Luft von Flotsam saugt"
  • Never try to translate untranslatable word-play, look for something else instead (another sentence which would make sense in German).
  • Ara;153645 said:
    Luft means wind... but the sentence makes no sense in German
    Nachtrag: Wind und Luft ist eben nicht identisch!

    Wind meint die wahrnehmbare Bewegung von Luft. Somit wäre auch geklärt, dass es nicht Luft sondern Wind sein müsste, was in der Fahne steht.

    Just mentionend that Luft does not mean wind or Wind (german).

    Luft = Air

    Wind = wind (moving air)

    So that the word Luf(t) infact is not right and should have been Wind.
  • Bernus;156716 said:

    Luft = Air
    Hmm... so Luf would be then Ai.
    So the banner says "Artificial Intelligence of Flotsam sucks" :)

    Just playing with words here...
  • Macco;156921 said:
    Hmm... so Luf would be then Ai.
    So the banner says "Artificial Intelligence of Flotsam sucks" :)

    Just playing with words here...
    Makes sense but there's no AI in Monkey Island.
  • Ai is also the Japanese word for love.

    But maybe what they really meant was "Win"?
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