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  • I stayed in wellington


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    I ended up having to freaking shoot Kenny. He was out of control. Just beating in on her, pushing Clem, didnt wanna listen, just k

  • Kenny didnt go through shit for Clemetnine. He is abrasive, hot tempered, doesnt wanna compromise, has the my way or the high way mentality and is an asshole. In the end, he ddnt even wanna hear what Clem was saying or what had happened to the baby, he just assumed she killed it and went on a rampage trying to murder her. He was totally out of control and right out dangerous. And why the fuck did he insist on going further north when they had no shelter, no food, no warm clothes? I did like Kenny and i really wanted him to stop being asshole but shit, by the end, I had no choice but to shoot him. I couldnt let him kill Jane. Kenny just became a very unpleasant character by the end and I didnt regret killing him....

  • Jane. Let the family in.

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    I dream of the Flimsii video that maybe, one day, puts a slow-mo of this walk to the music that was made for it:


  • Same as yours. I chose to leave Wellington with Kenny. I have no regrets. It was a beautiful ending.

  • Extended version


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    I got the ending no one else picked. http://youtu.be/uiaWzLZbleo

  • Well you could say that, but I kept faith in Kenny and now Clem and AJ are safe. #TEAMMUSTACHE #420BLAZEIT #GETREKT

    PoppyP posted: »

    Kenny didnt go through shit for Clemetnine. He is abrasive, hot tempered, doesnt wanna compromise, has the my way or the high way

  • Seems like a lot of people who chose to shot Kenny kinda regrets it. Either they move on alone or replay another gameplay. I never seen people who chose Kenny regret their decision, at least so far.
    Btw, I can't shoot Kenny, but I stay at Wellington. I am glad I did it. It was sad but feels like a happy ending, IMO. Not mad about happy ending, but it's enough for Clem to live like that any longer. Lee will spin in his grave.

    Zurrdroid posted: »

    Same here. Stupid choice of me, though. I should've gone with Jane. Actually, no, I should've let her die and gone with Kenny. I've seen all the endings. I now regret my choices.

  • I see Clementine as obviously capable of doing what it takes to survive, but it's all because she has no choice. I think she'd revert to being a little kid whenever the chance came up. Thinking like that is why I chose to stay with Kenny. She's known him the longest of anyone--which is why I couldn't kill him in the first place--and probably why she started crying when Kenny tried to leave her in Wellington. She's little; she's getting sick of losing what's familiar. I think she'd feel safer facing the unknown with Kenny, than to be in a "safe" place with people she doesn't know.

    Seems people are overlooking Kenny's value. He'll kick ass when ass needs to be kicked; he won't hesitate to kill a perceived threat; he can fix cars; he freakin' delivered Rebecca's baby. All that, plus he's driven to protect Clementine and AJ. He's "unstable" because he keeps losing loved ones. I'd be pretty unhinged too. Kenny doesn't trust many people throughout the story, but he trusts and respects Clementine.

    Jane knows how to survive. That's it. And she could very well leave when shit gets too tough for her to deal with. Screw that. I'll take my chances with Kenny.

  • Hi,
    I chose Jane because care lot about Clem and I could not let a person was be stabbed through the heart in front of my eyes without trying to stop her attacker.
    i forgave Jane because she return to save Clem two times, she taught her other ways to defend herself. She could be useful to protect the baby.
    I let him in the family just because they had a child and there was Jane to watch my back so I could threaten to bring strangers.
    I hope that next season will evolve around the relationship between Clem and Aj. I think is a natural evolution, because in the first season we had Lee who protected Clem, she grew up in season 2 and she learned to protect herself. Now she will strong enough to protect the people she care about In season 3. I hope also that Jane or Kenny will not be out of the way immediately.

  • I killed Kenny I thought he was 2 unstable but when I found aj I left her

  • when I replayed I told them to f off

    i choose jane and to let the family in but the kenny ending when you refuse to enter wellington is the best one probably

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    i also let Kenny kill off Jane, then i went along with him to Willington, and when he told us to stay there, i went along with clem's option of being stubborn lol xD so i also stayed with Kenny instead of stay'n at Willington ^_^

    ~edit post~ plus i was wait'n for someone to post diz thread topic lol so i can see what da rest of ya'll chose in da end XD

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    I shot Kenny, forgave Jane and didn't let the family in.

    Clementine holding them at gunpoint was really badass.

  • Randy-Are you sure you want to do this little girl, I mean, what if we're dangerous?

    Clem-What if I am? pulls gun

    And Jane's face when Clem pulls the gun.

    ABigBadWolf posted: »

    I shot Kenny, forgave Jane and didn't let the family in. Clementine holding them at gunpoint was really badass.

  • Any ending with Kenny alive is a good ending. Any ending with Kenny dead is a bad ending. Endings with Kenny being unknown gives him a chance to return in Season 3.

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    Ended up with Jane and the baby and accepted the family to enter Howe's. Though almost all the characters I like end up dead or gone :(. Omid, Christa and now Luke.

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    Any ending with Kenny alive is a good ending. Any ending with Kenny dead is a bad ending. Endings with Kenny being unknown gives him a chance to return in Season 3.

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    So I played it again and this time I didnt kill Kenny and left with that baby but damn, it is hard not to wanna kill Kenny. He is a total and complete dick weed. From the beginning, the way he talked to Nick and Luke, calling them assholes and a "cute couple" or whatever to his irrational behavior in the truck and on the way to Howe's - insulting people without ever exercising an ounce of common sense. He just talks off his mouth....Blaming Clem for Sarita's death and getting all abusive. It was hard to like him. And then in the end with wanting to go to Wellington because - oh look there is supposed to a handful of magic beans there making our lives magically wonderful blah blah fart - yet no evidence that there actually was somerhing in wellington or any sense of what the hell they were gonna do during bitter Michigan winters in a world gone to shit. Not listening to anyone - it is always what he wants and then calling everyone an asshole. Pushing his opinion on others, pissing people off. Unreasonable as fuck. It was unbearable. And then in the end, he just wants to kill Jane without even knowing what happens to that stupid baby (by the way, yes an 11 year old girl trying to make it in the apocalypse with a whining, pooping, tiny baby. That definitely makes sense).

    That said, I DIDNT want to kill Kenny and i dont think the writers had to make it so that he gets killed. She could have shot him in the leg just enough to incapacitate him. They didnt need to make it so that she either lets him kill Jane or is mortally wounded and dies. That was not very realistic and i DONT think it was consistent with Clem's character to let Ken murder Jane or be a murderer herself.

    I understand Kenny has changed and a lot of bad shit happened to him, but the writers just made him unbearable to the point of you having to look for a reason to not shoot him. I dont know why people like him or why he is so popular. In season 1 he made a lot of sense and i did like him but now he doesnt and people are still "kenny, Kenny Kenny." Why? I really dont wanna see his ass in season 3 anymore.

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    Ended alone, and i'm ok with this.

    I shot Kenny - Cause I agree with what Jane said, he was on a path to become 2nd Carver/Stranger, and my Clem had really bad experiences with both of them (she killed stranger in my game, and opposed Carver every chance she got). Don't get me wrong, i fully understand his circumstances and was sympathetic to him, and I think he could probably be saved, but not after killing someone in rage. So i made that call, and don't regret it even after learning what Jane did.

    I Left Jane - Cause after all that talk, about me needing to do tough calls, needing to look after myself, she goes and manipulates situation in such way, that she gets what she wants/thinks is best, totally ignoring what i want/think is best. And what is worse, in the process of doing so she endangers everyone (me and herself included), which was really stupid.

    Anyways while i liked season 2 much more than season 1, and loved whole theme of "forging" Clementine into strong character, I really felt much more restricted by writing and what choices were available for me.

  • Ended up alone with AJ :(

  • Clem, AJ, and Jane at Howe's. Kenny was losing it, couldn't be stopped. Knew when Clem saw the gun that Kenny was going to die sooner or later. Might as well put him out of his misery. Never really cared for Kenny, in season 1 it was, back me up or fuck you. Knew Clem wasn't that close to him. Trusted Jane, their relationship was give and take. Clem learned you can't save everyone, and Jane learned that it's better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all. Knew that new people were going to be a problem with the baby there. But I imagine they won't be at Howe's for too long. "Thinking about moving on."

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    My Clem is on her own. Kenny is dead and I left Jane behind. But in another save file, my Clem is in Wellington.

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    I felt Kenny was out of control and had already fallen over the edge, so I regretfully shot him to get the whole story from Jane. I was sure there was definitely more than she was letting on. When I saw I was right, and she'd put AJ in danger just to prove a point, I left her by the car. Tired of people trying to manipulate my Clem. And on a gaming level, Kenny's story just felt over, and past time to be put out to pasture.

    That was my first time reasoning anyway, but after seeing all the possible endings, not sure which one I like best.

    Here's to hoping AJ didn't start crying right after the cut to black. :D

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  • No way i shoot Kenny,i dont care if that bitch Jane is die,cuz' who cares? But i never leave Kenny,he is a psychopath now and i like it. I could kill that fucking baby for Kenny,i could kill everyone. Kenny and Clem!!!

    Hoppa_21 posted: »

    I couldn't let Kenny just kill Jane. It was hard, but for me it was necessary. When Kenny died, he had realized, what he had gone

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    My first play through I shot Kenny. Ended alone. Once I saw that AJ was ok something hit me and I am surprised with everyone who didn't see it. Jane was all about herself. Did she think about AJ's safety? No. She was trying to prove herself right. She was deceptive to the point of putting herself and AJ at risk to prove a point. This was not a situation to be proving who was right or wrong. Yes, Kenny was emotionally unstable, but he cared. His caring about people, his loved ones, and the loss of so many is what made him that way. Jane was cold and indifferent to everyone. She seemed to have an agenda that centered around her own survival and who ever got lost along the way, well, too bad. You can't trust someone that looks at the group as a hindrance. She always seemed on the verge of leaving. I would not trust her with Clem, although Clem is pretty much able to fend for herself. You have to ask yourself, and I am surprised by how many didn't, who would stay and fight with Clem in a tight spot? Kenny or Jane? Do you really think that if Clem and AJ were with Jane, and the situation got pretty dangerous, she would not just escape and save herself leaving Clem and AJ to what ever fate? In the same situation, I am sure Kenny would give his life to save Clem and AJ. I am convinced that Jane would not. After playing through all endings, I think it would be best for Clem to stay at Wellington, but my favorite is when she stays with Kenny. The only remaining friend she has. He has more than a selfish interest in Clem. It's more of a true family feeling. At least, that's how I see it.

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    Exactly what I thought about Kenny and Jane. The whole time she was in the story she was separate from the group. I think she dealt with Clem more out of the guilt of letting her own sister die. Nothing more. Kenny cares, maybe too much. Jane does not care one whit. Everything Jane did was basically throwing others under the bus to save herself. Yeah, Kenny got a little crazy but he would do everything he could to save Clem and AJ. Jane would let them die so she could escape to save herself. I fully believe this.

    I see Clementine as obviously capable of doing what it takes to survive, but it's all because she has no choice. I think she'd re

  • Shot Kenny left Jane. I'm a heartless bastard

  • Oh my god you killed Kenny! You bastard!

    Shot Kenny left Jane. I'm a heartless bastard

  • As soon as the option appeared, there was only one option I chose.

    I let Kenny kill Jane, and then I left Wellington with Kenny and AJ.

    After everything Kenny has done for me, the risks he has taken and the sacrifices he has made - there was no way I could leave him behind. His sentiment to Clementine at the end only solidified my choice. Kenny was the last connection to Lee, and Season One, and I simply could not lose that. Sure, his actions may prove to be wrong sometimes, but he only does them to protect his family - now Clem and AJ. Also, I wanted him to have one last chance at being a Father and caring for those he loves. Kenny would risk him life for the safety of Clem and AJ. He is the last friend left, and at no cost would I kill Kenny. It is him, and only him I trust, he maintains a sentimental connection, and I see him as a father to Clem and AJ. Never would I kill Kenny.

    Plus, I don't leave friends behind.

  • Same ending.

    Confuzzled posted: »

    As soon as the option appeared, there was only one option I chose. I let Kenny kill Jane, and then I left Wellington with Kenny

  • Kenny, of course. I won't even say what my opinion on Jane is. Left Wellington with him but when he said all that at the ending, i doubt my choice all the time, he wants what is best for Clem and AJ and maybe i should've made his wish come true but no i just couldn't leave Kenny behind.

  • I ended up with Kenny and AJ.
    My dad ended up at Wellington (he left Kenny).
    My brother ended up alone.


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    In my S1 Lee and Kenny were close. I had the same relationship with Clem and Kenny. Couldn't kill him, no matter how crazy he was, and I never liked/trusted Jane (especially when she returned without AJ). Jane died, we found AJ but I couldn't leave Kenny at Wellington. Hoping the pair will return months later and there'll be space.

  • Ended up at Wellington with AJ. Wasn't going to shoot Kenny after everything that happened, so I stuck with him, and since letting the kids stay at Wellington was his idea, I didn't want to ruin his big heroic sacrifice, and all that. Made sense since I had Clem shoot Lee in S1 for pretty much the same reason; let the hero have his moment...

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    Better ending than the one we got. Over a decade wasted.

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  • Let Kenny kill Jane. (I let the timer run out (:<)

    Then shot Kenny.

    Made a badass entrance into a herd of walkers with a baby.

  • I shot Kenny in a moment of despair. I had a gut feeling about Janes shananigans, but I just couldn't let Kenny kill her. As soon as I realised she had manipulated Clementine, I got so mad at her at instantly clikced the f*ck you options and left her standing on the side of the road. Saw the other endings on youtube and burst out in tears on the Wellington/Leave Kenny-variant, but I ultimately believe that Clementine will end up on her own no matter what. If they are going to follow up on Clem in season 3, they have to make an initial video where Clementine ends up on her own, since - as others have pointed out - Kenny and Jane are determinant now and so will have to be cut loose. However that is done, I look forward to seeing. Alternately Clementine finds Wellington by herself and the story continues from there.

    Anyhow. Wow. I'm not a regular gamer - more a Walking Dead fan (read, watched and played now!) - and this game has moved my entire perception of what games can do. I look forward to the day when the general public realise they can have the same emotions with a game as with a book or a movie.

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