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EOMI on PS2, extra's?

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I was wondering if there were any extra's in the PS2 edition of EOMI, because I have a PS2, and want to know if it is usefull to also buy the PS2 edition.
Does anyone know if there are any extra's in comparison to the PC edition?:confused: , and are the graphics any different?
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  • I've barely played the PC version, so I'm not sure for definite, but apparently Monkey Kombat is easier in the PS2 version (you get a chart showing which attack to use against which).
    I'm not sure if the minigames were PS2 exclusive as well or not.
  • I've seen it, the fonts used are bigger and different, and there's a section that shows concept art and stuff like that. I dunno about more differences, I think that's it.
  • I think there was an additionnal minigame on the PS2 version called Murray Invaders ^^'
  • Only played the PS2 version myself, but wikipedia claims that the PS2 version had a graphical upgrade from the PC version
  • well hearing your comments, and because iit costs only 10 bucks(new), think will get it for PS2 also. At least than i have something to do until episode 2 comes out:rolleyes:
  • From what I remember, heard, seen:

    - Monkey Kombat was made easier, you had access to a chart that registered what beat what, and the randomness of the keys combinations for each movement was removed.
    - A second minigame was included, available when you complete all of the MK chart, a version of Space Invaders called Murray Invaders (available from the main menu, not ingame).
    - Some objects were pre-rendered, like the Monkey Island Head.
    - There is a concept art gallery.
  • Slight graphical upgrade. And slight improvement to make the horrible Monkey Combat easier to follow.

    Never discovers Murray Invaders though! LOL. After I finished it I turned it off in disgust (last chapter was terrible).

    Also plays better on the control pad too.
  • Doesnt it say it has multiplayer? Does that mean I can play Murray Invaders with a friend or is the multiplayer a lie?
  • When you press the 'multiplayer' button a message appears on screen telling you there is no multiplayer mode. If you keep pressing it, it comes up with different responses.

    Also, in my opinion the graphics are greatly improved from the PC version. The PS2 version uses the PC prerendered cutscenes and it was easy (for me) to see how little detail the models had in the cutscenes compared to the actual gameplay.
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