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Can't 'reactivate' Al Emmo

posted by Sacharissa on - last edited - Viewed by 469 users
I purchased and installed the game on the PeeCee belonging to the individual (I won't dignify him with the term 'man') I was living with. Unfortunately, due to circumstances too grisly for family consumption, I no longer have access to that system, but the game is still activated there. I have since installed it on my parents' PeeCee but I cannot run it due to my having "exceeded my allocated number of activations". I cannot deactivate it from that PeeCee now (due to the fact it's 300 miles away and the individual, to whom it belongs, isn't speaking to me).

The error told me to contact Digital River but, from past experience, I know that their support is sadly lacking (emails in the past have either gone unanswered, or the person answering has completely failed to read my original email and has ansked me questions I have already addressed in the original message.)

Is there anything you can do? The reference code I was told to quote was ARM1022. Can I REALLY only activate it on one system at a time? If so, how do I circumvent the problem of not being able to deactivate it on the original machine?

Cheers, Emily,

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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    A couple of games accidentally went out with a 1 activation limit, which was a mistake. We're slowly but surely correcting it but unfortunately it's still there in some of the games. Don't worry, I'll fix it for you.

    Just got your email - I'll send you activation keys etc. in a reply.
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