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What the crap are easter eggs?

posted by Simon 123890 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users
Every single thread if been in says somthing like, "IT'S THE PHOTO BOOTH EASTER EGG" so I want to know what the crap are easter eggs! (Hence the title).
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  • Simon 123890;102733 said:
    I still don't understand.
    I know of a great example.

    Go out and get FOX Titanic Special Edition DVD and have a hunt about. You'll find a secret menu item that, when clicked, will show you a 30 second re-enactment of Titanic by bunnies!
  • Simon 123890;104437 said:
    So, Dangerzone, your saying that an easter egg is a secret. Give me an example. Or anyone else who looks at this bloody thread.
    Concrete example from SBCG4AP: During extended play for Dangeresque 3, go visit Marzipan's house. Check out the onion patch. If you click on the front right plant, Strong Bad will dig up Onion Bubs and SB and Marzi will have a conversation about it. Now, this is a hidden bit, since you can't tell it's there normally (the only indication is the pop-up text shifts slightly). That is an Easter egg.

    As previously explained, Homestar Runner toons often have Easter eggs, so it's not surprising that the games have them as well.
  • So, you're saying that if I go and do something like... Hit the whale with the rock, shoot it, then grab the box and find the costume item. That is an easter egg?
  • Well, I would rather call that trying to get 100% (all the stuff) in the game.
    But the secret shirt under the floor of the costume booth, that is an easter egg.

    An easter egg is a thing that does not need to be in a media, but is there to make it more entertaining. It's also a easy way to make jokes about something that doesn't have anything to do with the media thingy itself.

    One example: In SBEMail 200 Homestar is talking about HREmail 49. If you type in /hremail49.html, you get a video of some of that email.
  • O.K. Please anyone, please put this in the simplist, easiest, terms, for a hopeless guy like me, to FIGURE OUT WHAT THE CRAP YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!
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    Honestly, with the links you have been given and the myriads of explanations, I don't know how anyone can explain it to make it any clearer to you. However,

    Easter egg -

    1. It is not something that the player needs to see in order for the game to progress.
    2. It is hidden and shows up if you do certain actions in the game.
    3. It is typically a joke or a reference to another game.
  • In, the toons, if you click a certain area of the window you get to see somesort of little pop-up or bonus scene, e.g. in sbemail #170 (rough copy) if you click the Lappy's plug you get to see Homestar sitting on a cough sighing and saying "DNA evidence". In the games it is any form of bonus content that you don't have to find yet still offers amusement, e.g. in Dangeresque 3 if you click on a specific onion in Marzipan's onion patch Strong Bad pulls up Onion Bubs and makes a comment.
  • You never played 'Adventure' ?
  • Telltale has a lot of easter eggs in all of their episodic games. I have you scene there "did you try list"
  • they are like secrets like when you call every one on homestars phone you can call homsar
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