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PETITION to Telltale Games to translate Tales of Monkey Island into SPANISH

posted by trape on - last edited - Viewed by 7.4K users
Before I start, give my congratulations on the great work you are doing specially to Telltale Games that have revived this great saga.

I am a boy of 18 years in Spain, as is my normal level of English is not very high. I have been a good little fan of this saga since Monkey Island 1. I would like you to putt the subtitles in Spanish, althought take many months to make, I will wait, but I would like enjoy 100% of the game and all of his jokes that I thint thar are great, but because of my level of English I don't understand all.

Thank you very much for your attention and I hope that in some month I will see a pack of Tales of Monkey Island in Spanish, which I and a lot of fans that they are in Spain will buy it, so the sales would be secured.

PD:Sorry for my bad english :( and thanks again!
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  • I don't speak Spanish, nor do I need a Spanish version of the game, but I whole heartedly support this petition to get one.

  • Thanks Marduk,you're a reasonable person. Hopefully everyone was like you :)
  • Well, of course I want a translation, because I know a lot of people that had been waiting for this release and they don't speak english.

    Otherwise, I'm gonna play all the episodes in english.

    Imo, the translation gonna throw to the trash a lot of jokes that only have sense in english. I don't know how they gonna solve that (the U tube joke for example).
  • Hi there,

    I do not speak Spanish either, but I would like to contribute to this petition too.
    It is not only about giving the opportunity to people who do not speak english enough well to play and to enjoy the game. Game editors may also be sensible to a more profit making opportunity. (please do not punch me too hard).
    If you cannot translate the whole game, at least please translate subtitles, items and game control panel.

    I do not speak English fluently, but I can play the game and fortunately understand jokes and references. If it weren't the case, I would not have so much fun playing the game and I would not even be able to support Trape's petition. Please think about people who cannot express their opinions on this matter.

    (and if by any chance you translate the game into Spanish, could you please also translate it into French ?)

    @ TuEresTu: it may not be so complicated. For example the word "tube" is also used in French in both meanings. Maybe there is some similar word in Spanish ?
  • What would you accept? Simple subtitles, or do you want a full dub?
  • RMJ1984;158331 said:
    just curious? now my english is far from perfect, and i learned most of it myself? why do you even like stuff in youre own language? i mean i wouldn touch a games translated to danish with a teen feet pole. it just sucks.

    I get all my games / programs / windows in english. translations sucks i thing, the worst is movies, what is the idea of seeing the grinch to take an eksample, when its a danish voice over actor lol ? :)
    Cool, I love the pro-english policy that your country follows. I've been in Copenhagen some years ago, and I was positively amazed by the absence of translated movies. Everything was transmitted in its original language, they just put danish subtitles.
    That's awesome and a very good way to make people learn english well.
    Here in Italy, things are different. People are proud of italian dubbers being among the best in the world, and few people can really speak english.
    Hope we'll be following models like your country.
    Cool, 600 posts! Did I have that much to say?!?
  • I think it's most financially feasible to have multiple languages of all games TTG produce as the genre is still very popular in France, Germany and Spain. I'm sure there shouldn't be a problem finding translators and voice actors for dubbing French and Spanish versions, either, as there are (and i don't mean to patronise) French and Spanish speaking nations bordering on the US in the form of Canada and Mexico.
  • Yandros;158928 said:
    What would you accept? Simple subtitles, or do you want a full dub?
    In this post I ask only to put subtitles in Spanish to the game, because I know that would cost to much work to to Telltale Games to do the voices of all characters (a full dub) .
  • trape;158952 said:
    In this post I ask only to put subtitles in Spanish to the game, because I know that would cost to much work to to Telltale Games to do the voices of all characters (a full dub) .
    Well we can do the subtitle translations ourselves, as fan mods to the game, if telltale allows it. (I am uncertain if they will.)

    It's just a matter of ripping all the dialogue out, translating it, then having it fit back into the original space the English subtitles took up.
  • In Facebook, there are a petition to Telltale Games to put subtiltes into Spanish, so if someone wants to join, welcome. Join to the cause please!
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