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The Most Dialog Heavy Game Ever

posted by PariahKing on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
Well that I've ever played. I remember reading a quote from Dave Grossman saying that EMI had too much dialog. I thought to myself, "Nah - an adventure game can't have too much dialog!" Wrong. This is insanely tedious.

Ironically it has better graphics than Sam and Max Season One, but insanely simple puzzles that I occasionally find solutions before I find the problems - and in a bad way. There are also weird spatial puzzles like loading the cow and cleaning the floor.

I'm at the part where you switch people and I'm just finding it tedious. I just dislike being misled to think the main character was the cool "I want beer" guy when you have to play as the other two guys later instead.

I love Telltale Games and have bought all their games, even CSI. I loved Sam and Max Season 1/2 as well as TOMI episode one, but I'm finding Bone Episode One extremely tedious. It feels like they tried too hard to stick to the story. I'm not sorry I bought it as I'm happy to own it but I like the poker game a lot better than this so far.

Does it get any better?

EDIT: Apparently I've managed to play the wrong one first because it was the first listed on the purchase page with no real clear...eek. >_<
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