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Facial Expressions Appreciation Thread

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I don't know if this has been properly said yet.. but congrats to Telltale on this one.

Never really have I been so entertained in a MI game with the facial expressions. These are the cherry on top of this game for me, and some of the most hilarious parts in the episode are a result of the great facial expressions.

I'm going through my second play-through now.. the facial expression of Guybrush when he tries to steal the bottle-breaker is hilarious.. as is his expression along with "So... unicorns huh?".

It's great, well done. Discuss.
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  • Its not just the faces they make, but the posture and mannerisms that go along with it, Like Guybrush rubbing the back of his neck when he is guilty, but is trying to hide it.

    Or the moment at the beginning when Elaine and Guybrush looked at each other knowing the ship was about to blow up... there was a real moment where these two 3D puppets where pulling off some real dramatic acting... and the voice work really went on to sell it.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    It's only been three months since I worked myself through Gary Faigin's The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression. ;) And, yes, I considered Guybrush's plethora of expressions very impressive. I assume that lots of hard work went into that, and it REALLY enhances game immersion. However, not many characters receive the same treatment Guybrush did, and remain flat; most expressions are Guybrush-only.

    Nonetheless, I appreciate the effort very_very_much. It's what so many other games still lack. Get the expression engine to work with other characters as well, and you'll have at least one thing in which ToMI surpasses the previous games without doubt. :D
  • Points for the eyebrow.
  • Some of the other characters do have facial expressions, but of course not as many as GT.
  • To illustrate my eye thing I wrote about above, Guybrush seemed to do this a lot:


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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Guybrush - and most of the other characters, too - have very high-set upper eyelids. That way, the slightest twitch of the lid-lifting muscle exposes the iris in its entirety and shows white above it, which might not occur quite as often in real life.
  • yeah when it does the people become internet celebrities.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    My American cousin has eyes like this, with the upper lid exactly touching the upper iris rim in a resting eye position. Makes him look alert at all times - it can be irritating to people, but also, girls obviously dig this. ;)
  • I just thought it was clever how they used the contest in more then one way.

    (But I never got the point of making Noogie crack. He doesn't do anything.)
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