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LOOM 2 petition

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I just played through LOOM again for the first time in years and it brought back fond memories. I remember the LOOM jokes in Monkey Island that introduced me to the game. No doubt LOOM could have been as big as Monkey Island with the right support. The LOOM cliffhanger ending reminds me of wanting to play a sequel that never arrived.

With the technology of today something special can be done with the LOOM franchise and there are many ways in which the story could go, it has great potential. And if you think about the best Lucas Arts adventure games, LOOM is right up there. You have Sam & Max and now Monkey Island. I am confident that these names are in good hands.

I would like to start a petition for telltale games to make the next LOOM game, reply to this thread if you agree.

1. drunkenmonkey.
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  • 2. plrichard

    Although I just want to see ANYONE make LOOM 2. I'd prefer that Telltale make it but I just want SOMEONE to make it.
  • Loom is all kinds of win.

  • LOOOOOM! Ahem.. sorry, I think my sig sort of displays how I feel about Loom so yeah...
  • Most definitely. I've been wanting a sequel to this game for 19 years.

    But if it is TellTale who continues this then Brian Moriary must be involved and hopefully more then just a consultant. It's his baby.
  • Fifthted!

    Most people think Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was the first game to use playing music as a means of solving puzzles. I think a new Loom game could go far further than what was done here. How about 200+ different drafts using more or less than four notes and all 12 pitches? It would become more of a sandbox game with many different ways to play through it than just a staid adventure title. There's so much potential for carrying on the unconventionality that Loom pioneered in.
  • To be honest, after some careful thought and consideration... I'm not signing.

    I don't want TTG to just become a LucasArts spinoff company that does LucasArts franchises and sequels.

    I'd prefer some more franchises like Wallace & Gromit, or maybe some original material.

    Don't get me wrong, more Monkey Island, more Loom, I definately wouldn't say no!! It's just the next few franchises TTG gets will probably shape its future. And I'd like TTG to come up with some other stuff :-)

    Please don't have a go at me!!:(
  • A LOOM sequel would be great; but the sequels were meant to be full-length games; not episodic games. So I'm in favor of it as long as Lucasarts put their Special Edition team to work to make completely original sequels to LOOM.

    So I sign on the condition that it is done by Lucasart's new Special Edition team.
  • As long as the art direction for the MI special edition have NOTHING to do with it.. eugh. I HATE the new character designs for MI: SE.

    I always thought it was a bit of a shame that the book of patterns had all these spells you couldn't use. Though, it's a strange setting... if you take the book of patterns as being canon so to speak, they have a guild of accountants? and flower arrangers??
  • A remake of LOOM would lend itself well to episodic content, because Bobbin travelled from area to area with no reason to go back. I would hope that a LOOM sequel would follow this tradition just as Monkey Island follows its tradition.

    One thing I would suggest is to make the spells more user friendly with maybe the forward and reverse spells in a list so that new adventure gamers can use them like actions.

    Also there is nothing to say that the main character would have to be Bobbin, or even a Weaver for that matter, which was the plan.
  • I know I said it would be great if Luca.... Telltale games made some original IP adventure games but I really do want to see more LOOM.
    good old Bobbin Threadbare....
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