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If your life were a film, what would the soundtrack be?

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Okay, if this thread is supposed to go in the Forum Games section, then someone please move it if need be.

Anyway, these are the rules:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every category, type the song that's playing, along with the artist and the album name
5. When you go to a new category, press the next button
6. Don't lie.
7. Only do this two three times, one for the original movie and one for the "sequel" one for the "sequel", and one for the "third sequel that nobody really asked for but got anyway". But please, wait until at least 8 10 replies have already been submitted before you do another. The playlist replies, I mean.

Alright, these are mine:

Opening Credits: Driving with the Top Down by Ramin Djawadi - Iron Man: Music from the Motion Picture (so...much...awesome...)
Birth: Ignition by TobyMac - Portable Sounds (a bit awkward for child birth, but what the heck)
First Day of School: Back in Black by AC/DC - Back in Black (I can just imagine me swinging into the doors of my school with this music blaring behind me XD)
Falling in Love: Shut Your Eyes by Snow Patrol - Eyes Open (...Wow, and right after AC/DC...:confused:)
Fight Song: Iron Monger by Ramin Djawadi - Iron Man: Music from the Motion Picture (Yeah, this fits. This fits real good.)
Breaking Up: Cheer Up, Coach Z by Homestar and Coach Z - Hooked on Decemberween (I'd like to try breaking up with someone by singing them this song XD)
Prom: In the End by Pickin' On Series - Bluegrass Tribute to Linkin Park (Okay, I have no idea if I should be impressed or terrified...should be one interesting prom)
Life: American Dream by Switchfoot - Oh! Gravity. (Much better. This could work as my theme song :p)
Mental Breakdown: Confessions (What's Inside My Head) by RED - Innocence & Instinct (Whoa, this actually fits...o_o)
Driving: Everything You Know is Wrong by Weird Al Yankovic - Bad Hair Day (YES. This fits PERFECTLY. I just cracked up when I heard this.)
Flashback: GO-4 by Thomas Newman - WALL-E: Soundtrack from the Motion Picture (You know this actually fits...somewhat.)
Wedding: Surfin' Bird (Bird is the Word) by Trashmen - (no album name given) (This is one awesome wedding...)
Birth of Child: The Traveling Song by - Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (eh, not bad, not what I was expecting...I was expecting Back in Black again XP)
Final Battle: The Feeling by Kutless - To Know That You're Alive (w00t (' ')\m/)
Death Scene: Put On Your Sunday Clothes by Michael Crawford & Company - WALL-E: Soundtrack from the Motion Picture (Holy...crap...apparently, I'm going to have some hallucinations on my death bed. "Is that...*censored* angel? Why, yes, *censored*, St. Peter, I would love to *censored**censored* play with you! *giggles gleefully, then five censors*")
Funeral: Hardware Store by Weird Al Yankovic - Poodle Hat (...Well, it IS my funeral, so...)
End Credits: Stars by Switchfoot - The Beautiful Letdown (And it fits. Now this is my theme song!)

Just take out my songs and replace them with your own, and that's it!

EDIT: You can also comment on other people's songs they came up with.
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  • Dang...haven't done this in a while...time to fire up the Ol' iPod...

    Opening Credits: Subliminal - They Might Be Giants (Nothing you are about to watch is secretly telling you to watch it again and again so I can have more money...)
    Birth: Revolution - Jim Sturgess (From Across The Universe. Heck yeah. I shall be the start of a wave of revolutions across the country...)
    First Day of School: Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode (No words to add in here. :D)
    Falling in Love: Sometimes - Depeche Mode (Uuuuh....yeah.)
    Fight Song: Enjoy the Silence (Hands and Feet Mix) -Depeche Mode (WTF is with all the Depeche Mode??? Ah well. It fits.)
    Breaking Up: Bar- Tomohito Nishiura (....In a twisted way...I suppose it could work...'s too happy and Accordion sounding...*sigh)
    Prom: Dollars and Cents - Radiohead (What kind of Prom is this??? Depressing.)
    Life: Leave in Silence - Depeche Mode (My life became depressing. =()
    Mental Breakdown: Micro Cuts- Muse (Okay. Now I can see this.)
    Driving: "Don't Let Them See You!" - The Myriad (Oh yes. Heck yes. I can totally drive to this song. "The fog rolls in...and the temperature drops about thirty degrees...")
    Flashback: Curtain of Night (live Version) - Tomohito Nishiura (Yeah. The live version makes an awesome flashback song...especially in the middle. :3)
    Wedding: I Might Be Wrong - Radiohead (Oh, well that's Optimistic...Not. T_T)
    Birth of Child: Thoughts of a Dying Athiest - Muse (If I were an athiest..I suppose it would work...but seeing as I'm not....)
    Final Battle: Spacewalker - Depeche Mode (Eh...kinda lame. Good song, but...not for fighting...)
    Death Scene: Spider - They Might Be Giants (Er....what?)
    Funeral: Dangerous - Depeche Mode (Beware. I'm not dead. Merely sleeping.)
    End Credits: The Ambassadors Reel: Oobly - Art of Noise (Even though it doesn't fit at all with the does make a nice ending credits...)
  • Doin it again:

    Opening Credits: The Light Sailer by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Wendy Carlos - Tron (Heheheh...God, I'm such a nerd)

    Birth: Rockstar by Vitamin String Quartet - Strung Out, Vol. 2: The Strings Tribute to Modern Rock Hits (Could be good for a nice montage)

    First Day of School: Requiem for a Dream (no artist or album name given) (It's going to be that scary, eh?)

    Falling in Love: You're Pitiful by Weird Al Yankovic (no album) (XD Wrong song, moving along now)

    Fight Song: Homer, Bart and a Bike by Hans Zimmer - The Simpsons Movie (Very jazzy, could fit rather well)

    Breaking Up: Heed Our Warning by Steve Jablonsky - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (deep, epic breaking know, movie stuff)

    Prom: Back in Time by Huey Lewis and the News - Back to the Future (followed by a rousing rendition of Johnny B. Goode)

    Life: Logan Through Time by Harry Gregson-Williams - X-Men Origins: Wolverine (I'm not that dark...or badass, for that matter)

    Mental Breakdown: Brand New Day by Neil Patrick Harris - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog ("It's a brand new day / And the sun is high / All the birds are singing / because you're gonna die" Yes. Just yes.)

    Driving: Why So Serious? by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard - Dark Knight (I'm gonna be that bad, huh?)

    Flashback: Spider Pig by Hans Zimmer - The Simpsons Movie (What am I flashing back to, exactly?)

    Wedding: Life in Techicolor ii by Coldplay - Prospekt's March (Wow, a song that actually fits. Kinda surprised)

    Birth of Child: Lachrimosa Dominae by Immediate - Trailerhead (EPIC CHILDBIRTH FTW)

    Final Battle: Rock This Town by Stray Cats - The Best of Stray Cats (nothing says epic finale like a banjo)

    Death Scene: Chopper Chase / Face-Off by John Powell - The Italian Job (If I die, it'll be with honor and epicness)

    Funeral: Breakfast Machine by Danny Elfman - Pee-Wee's Great Adventure (I put the "fun" in "funeral")

    End Credits: End Creditouilles by Michael Giacchino - Ratatouille (I died in France...?)

    And that's it.
  • Lets see:

    Opening scene: Big Bang - wild bird (not bad)

    Birth: acdc - fling thing (could work)

    First day of school: Knack - my sharona

    Falling in love: acdc - whole lotta rosie (perfect xD)

    Fight song: van halen - panama

    Breaking up: johnny cash - personal jesus (m'kay)

    Prom: crosby, stills & nash - suite blue eyes (riiiight)

    Life: airbourne - hotter than hell (huha)

    Mental breakdown: acdc - gone shooting (scary)

    Driving: Neil young - southern man

    Flashback: pink floyd - another brick in the wall (not bad at all)

    Wedding - roxette - listen to your heart (that should do it)

    Birth of child: Airbourne - heartbreaker ( oh yes!)

    Final battle: The commitments - mustang sally (errr)

    Death scene: BTO - you ain't seen nothing yet ( nice one)

    Funeral: Bryan adams - run to you (ouch)

    End credits: Tom petty - last dance for mary jane (perfect)

    not sure if this movie would be a funny comedy, or some independent movie which doesn't make any sense ;P
  • Marduk, Wake Up by RATM played during the credits of the first Matrix movie. Don't know if the other two had a RATM song ending it as well.
  • Opening scene: The Strokes - Ask Me Anything

    Birth: Snow Patrol - One Hundred Things You Should Have Done In Bed

    First day of school: Feeder - My Perfect Day

    Falling in love: Franz Ferdinand - Darts of Pleasure

    Fight song: Maximo Park - Roller Disco Dreams

    Breaking up: Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown

    Prom: Snow Patrol - Ask Me How I Am

    Life: Green Day - Bab's Uvula Who?

    Mental breakdown: Green Day - Jackass

    Driving: Soulwax - Another Excuse

    Flashback: The Beautiful South - The Table

    Wedding: Green Day - Warning

    Birth of child: Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels

    Final battle: R.E.M. - Bad Day

    Death scene: Orbital - The Box (Part Two)

    Funeral: Maximo Park - In Another World (You Would've Found Yourself By Now)

    End credits: Snow Patrol - NYC

    some fitting ones there, others that just make you wonder!
  • Linque;160785 said:
    Marduk, Wake Up by RATM played during the credits of the first Matrix movie. Don't know if the other two had a RATM song ending it as well.
    I think it was Reloaded.
  • Let's see if I can make sense out of all of them.

    Opening: Wonderboy - Tenacious D (Hell yeah!)
    Birth: Here It Goes Again - OK Go (The song is about a hangover after a one night stand, so... um...)
    First Day of School: What would Brian Boitano Do? - DVDA (Well, to survive school, I'll make a plan and I'll follow through, I guess)
    Falling in love: Times are Changing - Bob Dylan (Probably hinting towards puberty, I dunno)
    Fight scene: Boss of Me - They Might Be Giants (VERY appropriate)
    Breaking up: I Feel Fantastic - Jonathan Coulton (I guess she was holding me back?)
    Prom: Monkey Island Theme Song - Michael Land (It was adventurous, maybe?)
    Life: Also Sprach Zarathustra - Strauss (Maybe I evolved into a better person?)
    Mental Breakdown: Flash Gordon Theme Song - Queen (hallucinations?)
    Driving: This Year - Mountain Goats (This seems appropriate, actually)
    Flashback: Different Town - SB & TMBG (Everything was different, apparently)
    Wedding: Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny - Lemon Demon (That's one heck of a wedding!)
    Birth of child: White and Nerdy - Weird Al (Like father like son?)
    Final Battle: Istanbul - TMBG (I dunno, I can't make any connection here)
    Death scene: Killer Queen - Queen (That damn prostitute killed me!)
    Funeral: Beautiful Day - U2 (Bono hates me?)
    End credits: Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley (Roll'd the credits? heh)

    Other than Wonderboy, this does not resemble my actual life (I hope not).
  • Entirely made up of Van Halen and AC/DC music.
  • Wow, this is one cool game, I must try it. Ok, here goes.
    Opening: Someone Put Your Hand Out by Michael Jackson
    Birth: Vanilla Twilight by Owl City (um, ok...)
    First Day of School: Love You Madly by CAKE (While it is kind of a love song, I can definitely imagine walking into school with this music blaring)
    Falling in love: The Largo LaGrande Theme - Monkey Island 2 Soundtrack (Well, I do like the upbeat Jazz feel to it, so I guess it fits :p )
    Fight scene: Got to Move by CAKE (If it was in slow-motion, sure :p )
    Breaking up: Sergeamt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band by The Beatles (I guess I was pretty happy to be rid of her :p )
    Prom: Teenage Pregnancy by CAKE (God, I lol'd when I heard that, cause goodness knows what goes on at those things :p )
    Life: Crescendolls by Daft Punk (yeah, I s'pose that works)
    Mental Breakdown: You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson (PERFECT!)
    Driving: Phatt Island - Monkey Island 2 Soundtrack (It is kinda bluesy, and I like that, so for me it fits)
    Flashback: Commissioning a Symphony in C by CAKE (that works pretty well, not great for a flashback, but it works)
    Wedding: Something About Us by Daft Punk (It's...weird)
    Birth of child: Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles (I think that works really well)
    Final Battle: Fall Again by Michael Jackson (YES! It has an epicness about it, like I'm slowly building myself up for a big battle)
    Death scene: Lady In Red - Altiyan Childs cover (It's sad sounding enough I guess, but I'm not a lady :p I could be singing to a loved one as I die or something though :p )
    Funeral: Wanna Be Starting Something (Ok, WTF is this, maybe my friends are out for blood for my murder? Idk, the title suggests that whoever killed me started a war)
    End credits: A Dimension of Pain - Monkey Island 2 Soundtrack (Now that's just silly)
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