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I've made all the news and talked to Deepgut but... *spoilers*

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I just don't know what it is I'm trying to do. That is, I talked to Hemlock who now has nothing more to share, got locked up in the chair and got myself out again without incident, followed the map with the eye of manatee and now have a big mysterious door sitting there smirking at me and all... So I imagine I want proof that Doc Nancy-boy has been manipulating the winds. I also imagine the pillars outside of town offer some help but I have no idea how to get them to reveal their secrets. And those stone bases all over the forest are mocking in their obscurity. I've seen mention of idols all over these hints but have not heard one word about them in game.

I much prefer to solve things myself, but I've got nowhere to start. Can anyone just give me a little starting place to get me out of my rut?
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